Lipdissolve is a Scam

I am a 55 year old woman, I wear a size 16. I...

I am a 55 year old woman, I wear a size 16. I listened to all the promises and hype about the lipodissolve treatments, and wanting to feel better about myself, I scheduled an appointment to learn more about the procedure, I was impressed with the presentation and was promised that this would work. I told them I would be happy to  be able to get into a size 12, this was in December, 2007  I've had 9 sessions and I am still a size 16  I haven't lost any weight or inches. I feel betrayed, and embarrassed that I have fallen for this scam. When I first started the treatments the clinic was using the injections, I was told at the presentation that I would feel little discomfort  and would have minimal bruising ,also, that some women come in on their lunch breaks and go back to work. BULL,....I was in so much pain and sooo swollen and bruised that I was down for two days. I  have what they call  harmless nodules under my skin at the injection sites that  have not gone away, these  makes me worry about them turning into cancer. I went back a few more times,  I took a pain pill before each treatment, but the treatments were still awful.   I decided that I could not handle the treatments any longer .They came out with lipopulse, where they use ultra sound to massage the medicine into your skin. I decided to try the lipopulse. It is painless, but it does not work any better than the injections. I feel that I have been lied to and betrayed by a so called Doctor who promised me this would work and that there would be little pain and minimal bruising. I wanted so badly to loose weight that I was wiling to suffer through the pain and discomfort of the injections. Now I am embarrassed, hurt and feel betrayed to say nothing of the $6000.00 dollars I "donated " to this scam. I deserve my money back, but have no idea what I need to do, the contract had a no refund clause in it, which in hind sight should have been a red flag!!!  I am still making payments on the $6000.00. I have not used that many treatments and do not intend to have any more treatments. Do not get scammed, this is a waste of money, energy and hope......


caution!!! they talk a good talk but they don't tell all. minimal side effects from hormone replacement- bull*@#*. i lost alot of hair on my head which was replaced by hair on my face and my bikini line now starts at my knees! also increased depression aggression, and scarring acne. i guess i should have paid more attention to the employees mustaches before signing any papers.

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I've had several Lipodissolve treatments by HRC in Nashville/Knoxville and love the results! I've had 3 treatments on my lower abdomen where I have had a little pooch since a teenager. IT'S GONE! I've had one for under my arms and just recently on my love handles (January, 2009). Yes, it was very uncomfortable and yes there was bruising and the little nodules. I make sure I take adequate pain medicine. I equate the pain to something like having gone and done a major work out at the gym when you haven't done it in 15 years and the next day it hurts to move around or lift your arms,or climb the stairs, etc. It's not that you can't move, it just hurts to move. I have normally had my treatments around the lunch hour and I always go back to work afterwards and am able to work at my desk with no problems. It is not meant for weight loss! It is more for body sculpting so if weight loss is the expecation then it will probably not be met and you will be disappointed. Even though my pooch is gone, I didn't drop in size or weight. My pants just fit better and I am not as self-conscious in my bathing suit which has been the best part! because I no longer have the pooch in my belly. I have been to the informational meetings and received the counseling before the procedure and HRC is very clear on these issues! It is not meant for weight loss and is for body sculpting. I have also had the lipo-pulse treatment. I believe I see more results with the lipo-dissolve and am willing to endure the discomfort for the results I have gained. I can't say enough about it and about HRC and believe me - I will be going back. BTW - I am a 43 year old woman, 5'1, 128 pounds who wears a size 8.
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