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It was very painful. I did it to smooth out my top...

it was very painful. I did it to smooth out my top lip. I cant really make to much judgment yet as its only been 24hrs.

I had Restylane injected in my lips yesterday I have lots of swelling i was told the majority of this would reduce over night but it hasn't. What can I do? I'm becoming very anxious.

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my doc was very thorough and informative

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Curious one, sorry I thought I had responded but obviously not. Are you still looking?
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Hi, Just wondering how your lips are going now. I am in Melbourne too and am thinking of getting restylane also so would love some help. Thanks
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Worriedvict - did yours ever go down? Did you have bumps? It is one week past my restylane injection and I can feel beebee like things in my lips. If you have the bumps, how long did it take for them to go away. Did massage help?
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hi I did the same(though mine cost a tad more...) I am so bruised and hopefully swollen. there is no way I could have gone to work afterwards, thank god it was done on a Sat. i hope I dont have the dredded "duck lips" will keep you posted on my healing.
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i commented before so this may come up as double. I had my lips done also,huge amounts of bruising is worrying and I hope there is a bit of swelling still as Im not liking the idea of duck lips! let me know how you progress. There is no way I could have gone to work afterwards. Im glad it was done on a Sat and a few days to settle down.
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