1cc Not Enough! Looked Great at First but Went to Regular Size

Looked great the first couple of days when...

Looked great the first couple of days when slightly swollen. Perhaps because I was thinking of supermodel big lips I'm not satisfied. After a few days it felt like the size went down to my normal lip size. Okay, lips are a tiny bit fuller.

I'm going to give it another try, I had 1cc so I'm thinking of getting 2cc done next time. Dr. {registered users see above} has great rates so I will be back for more. Anyone have any recommendations, please let me know!


your lips look the same before and after. must be all in your head i don't even think you need it but hey it's your face next time double up or you will just waste more money
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If you want a little more volume, have some put in now. If you like the new size. . .then you know what you are shooting for. Remember, you can save anything that is left over. If you wait until it's "gone", you'll likely be only slightly better or the same than you are now.
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I will try that next time. Not sure if I should wait for this 1st cc to wear off in about 4mo., or get the 2nd Resylane shot now.
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Dr. Parvin Pam Mami- San Diego, CA

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