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Not Sure What To Think About Dysport! - Linoln, NE

I decided to try Dysport because I have had Botox...

I decided to try Dysport because I have had Botox a few times and didn't notice a difference. I had Dysport 5 days ago and still have my forehead wrinkles and I also wanted a little lift to my brows. I can't really tell a difference yet. She gave me 35 units. I have had a headache off and on the past few days and my eyes feel tired and at times blurry. Just wondering if the side effects go away, should I go back for more? Some people say they could tell right away from Dysport. Just needing feedback! Thanks
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Merry Christmas everyone!!!
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I have not had any side effects and am pleased with the results. I believe it depends on your skin sensitivity because I had side effects w/ Botox, but Botox seem to last longer..
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I had the same problem like you with Botox and my doctor decided to try Dysport instead. I've seen immediate results and have not experience any side effects.
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