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I'm 55 years old and have used the Retin .05% for...

I'm 55 years old and have used the Retin .05% for around 5 months for anti-aging. First there was a lot of redness, peeling and itching. I about fainted when I woke up one morning with this sort of wrinkly or crepe look around my eyes. All of this was just a "breaking in" period and now has completely diminished. Although it hasn't worked well for my deep wrinkles it has really improved the texture, pore size and overall look of my face. It will be a regular staple in my skin care routine from now on. Some say it takes up to a year to see the full effects so I'm really excited to see what the next 7 months bring!

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Hi, I am experiencing the crepy wrinkles around my eyes right eye rather. I guess I got too close to it? But it freaked me out (and still does). I just started a couple weeks ago and while I'm only having mild peeling/flaking here and there and some zits that cropped up in one section, I'm looking worse at the moment..but I'm hanging in there. I had a FL and some other procedures last Jan...and sadly, after all this time, my results are less than stellar. How is the Retin-a working for you so far? (oops, I'm on Tretinoin 0.05 not Retin-A)
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Glad to hear you made it through the adjustment phase and are seeing some nice improvement now! Are you being certain to use good sunscreen/block on your face during the day?

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