After 30 Years I will Have my Tuberous Breast fix- Linden, NJ

All for those years my dream was do it silicone...

All for those years my dream was do it silicone breast argumentation , the time is coming ,I've always hated , fell different and so embarrassed for having this shape of breast.
I went in 5 Dr. And just one said what I have ., I fell so bad for my self at the same time happy , because this is my time for get what I always wanted.
Well my big concern is :
Do I have any chance from this breast(mine) in the picture get of this shape ??? ( the one that I wish)? Please help me doing the right choice

Feeling better after find this place !!!

How amazing is Realself...OMG ...felling so normal after find a lot of cases , that i thought I was all alone with these bad deformity ,that makes me fell so different in those years.
Thank You all the people who share your stories and also who create this web site.
Thank you
Thank You
Thank you

today my surgery was schedule

Went to see the Dr. and go over some questions, doubts and overview, He is awesome,feel so secure with him, hope to get nice results

Pre -Op

on March 07th is my pre-op surgery , so

Is going to happen,next week !!

love my Dr.,he is very smart and he listen to you, i like that.
My sx day is on friday the 21st, so happy !!!

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I just found out I have the same thing, my breasts started growing when I was 8 and they always looked like this, now I really don't feel all that bad because its pretty common...
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I also found out when I went for my consultation I had the same shape. I've had my implants for almost 11 months and couldn't be happier. Good luck!
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Did u get a lift too? That's what I'm afraid off:/
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No lift, just Implants. :)
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Luck u , they said i may need it .. But I don't want it lot of scars :/
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U won't have extra scars. My dr did it internally.
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Very excited for you! I just had saline replaced with gel. Choose your surgeon very carefully and ensure he understands exactly what you want ask directly if it's acheivable or not. I requested 550 to 600 cc my surgeon stated he could not make any promise on the amount do cc' until he opened up my pockets during surgery. I ended up with 510cc's too early to determine bra size yet. I'm hoping for a full D or DD. Doctors do not speak in cup size because different manufacturers a D with VS mat be different from Bali. Picts vary due to the persons frame. Height, weight, ect. A "D" may be huge on one person and medium to moderately small on another. Feel free to check my pics out. Mine do not project out as much as I had hoped...Please keep us posted!
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