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I got my Brazilian butt lift done in Elizabeth nj ...

I got my Brazilian butt lift done in Elizabeth nj . My surgeon is giving me the round a round I don't see no results at all this was waste of money one of my butt checks is fuller then the other one .. I cry everyday because of this. I hate this is bull**** and need to fix my buttocks somebody help pl
Dr. Josepg

He was great at the begin then after you paid everything is like you ain't shit

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Thank you very much for the info. Hope you found the solution ...
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I just sent this advise to another dissatisfied Bbl patient. Write a letter with a detailed account of your consult and before and after pics, along with what he has discussed with you, if it is merely a problem with re absorption, then he didn't do anything wrong, if it's a problem with how he did the procedure then you have a legitimate complaint and you should send him a letter with a detailed account of your complaint, with a CC at the bottom to the atty general in your state along with the board or medical licensure. Send it certified mail, they will stand at attention
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What doctor please?
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Who was ur doctor? I think I went to him and he was super cocky. Did u talk to him?
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I am so sorry about that I had a similar problem. I complained I was not happy, if you used a credit card you can dispute the charge since the surgery was not done the right way and your unhappy. You doctor owes you a revision at no cost or maybe you may have to pay for the anesthesia . Keep on it nobody gets paid to do nothing I know I don't . Talk to the highest person in charge at the doctor office ( supervisor). Good luck and I hope to talk to you soon.
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