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I'm scheduled for the BBL in the next few weeks...

I'm scheduled for the BBL in the next few weeks and I am excited. I met with Dr Joseph Alkon twice, 1 for the consultation and 2nd was after I paid for procedure and I got to say I am a little nervous of how it's going to come out even though I have seen his work online. However I wish it didn't always seem like he was rushing to get through your visit so he can go next door for the next client. Also I wish he had a portfolio of pictures in his office of some of the procedures he's already done on people so you can get a better idea in person and then ask him any questions you want at that point. Instead of them sending you on the website to fish through people's comments. Lastly and most importantly I really wish he would be kind enough to ask how would you like your BBL to look? For example he can ask " are you looking for a natural look or do you want to go big or not to big? What areas in the buttocks will you like to fill or have me concentrate on?" I don't know that's just me. Instead if you ask to show him a picture he says "sure everybody does" but I don't think you should just rely on a picture. So I guess he needs to be more personable with his patients especially if they paid and are going forward with the procedure. Actually if they come for the consultation because usually when a doctor makes you feel comfortable the first time meeting, more than likely the client is going to go forward with the surgery. Anyway I'll see after the surgery. Will keep you posted.
Did you get it done?
Not Yet... Still narrowing it down.. Fingers crossed & Prayers that I make the right choice.
Hi, yes. I agree. Dr. Alkon gets raves reviews. I'm thinking about going to him myself. But my consultation with him had me thinking twice. He was 1hr & 30 min behind. This was my first time meeting him. I thought he was okay, direct & to the point. Answered all my questions. But as a Dr. If your running that far behind in your schedule. You really should tell your front desk staff to contact your clients. Give them the options to reschedule for another time or day. I was sitting in a room undressed with a robe on waiting & waiting & waiting. I may not be doctor but my time is just as important and I had somewhere to be later that afternoon. I was very excited to meet him because of all the great reviews he gets and he's location is perfect me. But was very disappointed with his office staff and lack of communication with me. No one even came into the room to say ' I'm sorry, the Dr is running a little behind" NADA! I had to go out in my robe and ask " Where's the Dr. It's going on 4pm?" My appointment was at 2:30pm. Prior to Dr. Alkon, I had interviewed 4 other Plastic surgeons and they were all very personable & prompt. I waited no more than 10min. Dr. Alkon prices are good. But it's more than just price to me. I don't know YOU. And I'm coming to YOU for possible surgery. Your going to put me asleep and cut me open. That's a pretty big decision I have to make! And I gotta feel like I can trust you and your staff know what your doing. Sitting in a waiting room full of people to see one Dr. Isn't impressive it shows a lack of organization skills & respect for other peoples time. Schedule appointments further apart or allow certain days for consultations only. Something! First impressions are important. I'm interviewing a few more plastic surgeons in the area before I decide.
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