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I'm scheduled for the BBL in the next few weeks...

I'm scheduled for the BBL in the next few weeks and I am excited. I met with Dr Joseph Alkon twice, 1 for the consultation and 2nd was after I paid for procedure and I got to say I am a little nervous of how it's going to come out even though I have seen his work online. However I wish it didn't always seem like he was rushing to get through your visit so he can go next door for the next client. Also I wish he had a portfolio of pictures in his office of some of the procedures he's already done on people so you can get a better idea in person and then ask him any questions you want at that point. Instead of them sending you on the website to fish through people's comments. Lastly and most importantly I really wish he would be kind enough to ask how would you like your BBL to look? For example he can ask " are you looking for a natural look or do you want to go big or not to big? What areas in the buttocks will you like to fill or have me concentrate on?" I don't know that's just me. Instead if you ask to show him a picture he says "sure everybody does" but I don't think you should just rely on a picture. So I guess he needs to be more personable with his patients especially if they paid and are going forward with the procedure. Actually if they come for the consultation because usually when a doctor makes you feel comfortable the first time meeting, more than likely the client is going to go forward with the surgery. Anyway I'll see after the surgery. Will keep you posted.
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He did my procedure- BBL.. 2 months ago.. I'm very happy, don't worry he does good work and the staff at trinitas is great on procedure day. I do agree about the feeling like he rushes you a bit. Like I feel like I have to even speak faster just to make sure I get all the answers before he rushes out. One of the negatives about being high in demand I guess.
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When is your surgery date? Can you post a wish pic of what you want to look like and a before ? Don't be nervous it will be worth it! :)
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thank you for you very helpful review. we appreciate feedback and try to incorporate it - so as to provide patients with the best possible experience. it has always been our policy to not review patient photo albums during office visits - except when it is helpful to communicate specific types of results. in the past, patients viewed this as trying to 'sell' a procedure. this is entirely opposite of our practice philosophy. for this reason, we always have used the first consultation as a time to educate patients about their desired procedures, to help determine if we can safely achieve their goals, and help them determine if our practice is the right fit for them. we encourage patients to review our numerous photo galleries - on our multiple websites, real self page, and practice Facebook page. being able to review these at your own pace and leisure - allows you to comfortably determine if our results match your goals. This is discussed during our initial consultations, and it is also why many patients return to see us again multiple times prior to their day of surgery (of course without additional fees or charges) so that any and all additional questions or concerns are addressed. of course, you too are more than welcome to this - as all of our patients are. it is entirely normal and understandable to be nervous of an upcoming surgery, and everyone involved in our practice and your procedure and care work tirelessly to help achieve your desired outcome. thanks again.
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