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Hi, I am 39 and have always hated my nose, you can...

Hi, I am 39 and have always hated my nose, you can see why when you look at the pictures. My husband and family think it's stupid that I want the surgery, they will not tell me the truth. I have a appt. with a ENT next month. I have a bump on my nose that hurts really bad and I get headaches alot and have sinus infections. I don't know if I have ever broken my nose, but I did get hit a few years ago. I know my nose looks like a beak! It is way to large for my face! I am just trying to gather information and enjoy reading your success stories!

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I'm from the same place! Haha, and I am going to get my consultation done on June 5th. Also I think you look great, I think I MIGHT see what you're talking about in your pictures but I promise you it's nowhere near as bad as you think it is.
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Hello! My family is also reluctant.. I think it's hard for loved one to see there loved ones go through any kind of pain! And also, they are worried they will lose the face they love so dearly!

But in the end, it is your desire, your face, and your feelings that matter the most. Do extensive research. Ask around, look for ENT/Plastic Surgery specialties in NOSE, RHINO.

I wish you lots of luck! I am sure you will look great!
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You're so lovely! And we are so our own worst critics.

My two cents is to go with a rhinoplasty specialist. If you want the best aesthetic result, make sure the ENT is also a specialized facial plastic surgeon board certified by ASAPS and ASPS. And try to only discuss this with folks who you are pretty sure will be supportive. Obviously you have to tell your husband, but maybe not his family?

You can do this for yourself (I did!).

Please go on at least 2 or 3 consultations and let us know who you decide to go with!

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