Large Nostrils After Rhino/septoplasty - Lima,Peru

I had a deviated septum and a small bump on the...

I had a deviated septum and a small bump on the side of my nose that I wanted to get rid of. It was as if the cartilage was somewhat detached and I had more of a round nose at the tip but it was very long and pointy. I told the surgeon that I wanted to simply fix the deviated septum and then maybe fix the hump but he later explained what he had done and said the tip would be more pointy and that he reduced the cartilage. I still have the cast on but my nostrils look so wide now and I think it maybe because he didn't take into account the size of the nostrils after reducing the cartilage. I really liked my nose before and I only wanted to breathe better and fix the bump.i didn't want to change the shape. Are the nostrils like this because of swelling? I'm on my day 4 after the operation


Hi. I think it will get better. As Angie said it's swelling. Si just stay positive and patient.
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Thank you so much. Its been about 4 days since I posted this and it has gone down a lot.
It could still be swelling. You are early days, so please try not to fret yet. (I know that's easier said than done). Please keep us posted as you continue to heal. 
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Stiffness of nose

Hi I am about week 2 and a half weeks post surgery and my nose feels very stiff. It feels like a rock and I dont know if this is normal. I read about the swelling but i can literally feel my cartilage stick out on both lateral sides and the tip is hard. My surgeon changed the tip of my nose so it wouldn't have a round tip and gave it a pointy tip. However, now I found that the nose is start to look round and it has a rather strange look. I will post up pictures. Any suggestions?


Hi Kristine. I had a very similar surgery to what you describe and, yes, I experienced the same thing too. The tip of my nose felt very hard for a couple of months - somewhere around 2 -3 months. It's still a little more solid than I think it used to be but it is definitely improved from the way it was early after the procedure. The key is patience - and more patience! It takes the cartilage a lot longer to heal since it has less blood supply than the internal mucosa or the skin and it can be frustrating while you wait. Hang in there. It will take some time before the swelling goes down and the final look sets in to the tip.
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It's really hard to say without seeing photos with the cast off.
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Hard tip is normal if you got tip work on. I had a revision 4 month ago and the surgeon did work on my tip and it's still hard. This is very normal so you shouldn't worry about this.
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