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25 Year Old! No Kids! Just Need my Body Back. Upper/lower Abs & Love Handles! Lilburn, GA

Hey Ladies! I can't believe I'm actually doing...

Hey Ladies! I can't believe I'm actually doing this!! Sigh.. So over the pass year and a half, it's safe to say I just let my body go. I've gained over 20 lbs that I just need gone ASAP. So I've decided to take a leap of faith. My first step is getting smartlipo done on stubborn areas that seem to never go away with exercise and proper diet! I do workout hard Monday-Friday but still, that's not enough! Last January I weighed 146. 5 weeks ago I was 172 and today I am 164. I'm starting to get back to where I need to be. Yay! I scheduled my appointment and paid in full- no turning back now!!! I'm excited but nervous.. Hopefully this will help increase the speed of me getting back to how I was. I cannot wait.

4 days Pre-Op(do I really need this done?

Hi ladies! So last night I posted pictures of me after I had dinner. Looking bloated and fat!! Now on days like today when I haven't eaten, fresh out of bed- I feel like this surgery isn't necessary! But really it is! Lol! One day I feel and look great then the next I feel fat. Today I feel skinny and I'm having second thoughts! Do I really want this??

Less Than 24hrs to go!!

Heyy Ladies!! I'm nervous like crazy!! I'm doing last minute errands now. Not knowing how I'll feel tomorrow, so I'm trying to get it all out the way! I have my meds already packed.. Is there anything y'all can think of that you'll recommmend taking that's not listed on the normal checklist??? Please let me know..

Exciteddd!! But scared..

It's Go Time!!

Good morning ladies!! The day is here!!! I'm finally headed out the door!! Good bye Telly Tubby looking girl... Lol


Hey ladies! So a little about my experience today...
So I got to the Boutique at 7:20 my apt was at 7:30.. Signed in and waited.. I was seen around 8:15 to take pictures and then I was sent back to the lobby.. Waited again until around 10am.. Ugh what a long wait.. I was sooo sleepy! I could have slept in a little longer.. Anywhoooo!!! My over all experience was GREAT!! Ms Lee and Crystal was sooo nice to me!! I'm sooo happy I chose Dr Boutte!
We started the procedure at around 10:30 or 11 ish! Y'all I was knocked out when I got on the table! Which was weird. I cannot remember a thing! Oh, I did wake up like 20 mins before dr Boutte got done! We talked while she was still doing doing her thing! Y'all I'm in and out of sleep while wrote please for give me!!

Anyways I also throw up as soon - Has I got off the bed to put my garment on... I was so dizzy and I wasn't feeling well at all..

I didn't get to see how my body looks because we put the garment on right after . But I saw the 2 full bottles eww!

Anyways y'all I keep falling asleep writing I'll continue tomorrow.
Nite Nite...

Morning after..

Hey ladies, omg I can barely stay awake.. Did any of you have that problem?
Also i am so sore! Every single Hey ladies! So a little about my experience today...
So I got to the Boutique at 7:20 my apt was at 7:30.. Signed in and waited.. I was seen around 8:15 to take pictures and then I was sent back to the lobby.. Waited again until around ____. Ugh what a long wait.. I was sooo sleepy! Every time I get up I feel nauseous and stiff..

The morning after!

Clearly I'm not in the right frame of mind. I don't know what I was trying to say in my last post! Y'all please forgive me.

Here I am...

Hey ladies! So I just took my first shower!! Omg! I am soooo dizzy and super sore.. Is it normal to be emotional?

I'm overly emotional right now ;( not in a lot of pain, only when I move around a lot. I just went to pharmacy to get my arnicare gel and getting out of the car hurt soooo bad! I'm back home now in bed...

Who uses the arnicare gel? Did you use it the day after? Did it really work?

Y'all do the Math ????

Side by side comparison..


Where did y'all get the arnica pills from?? I have the gel but not the pills..

Also should I be leaking? I think I did alot last night but today I'm not and I read on here that I should be... Should I be worried?

Day 2 post op!

Woke up feeling great! No pain, absolutely perfect.. Ran some errands etc! Came back took a nap! And I thought it was all downhill from there... What the heckkkk!!! I was sooo wrong!

Woke up ready to take a shower and man as soon as I took my binder and CG off it's like a emotionally feeling came over me, I started feeling pain from every angle! Before I know it my eyes were over flowing with tears.. I washed my garment and laid down for a bit until it was dried. Getting up was so hard! I feel like I have mini rocks attached to my body!

I'm trying to gently rub them away.. But I'm so scared to cause more damage to my body! Has anyone really tried the lymphatic massages?? Please tell me what are your views on it? Or can I massage it with the arnica gel?

Thanks again..

Best day so far!

Man idk if it's my mind playing tricks on me or these products really been working for me.. Feeling amazing today! Showered and rubbed up with arnicare again. I slept so good last night! Absolutely No pain. Yesterday I went and got the arnicare cream, I had bought the gel but some how couldn't find the pills. However I found a value pack at whole foods last night which had the cream and pellets, though it's not the real pills it's ok for now!

I massaged the cream into my skin last night and about an hr after I noticed I cud move better without any pain what so ever! So I did the same routine this morning, had breakfast and now I'm chilling in bed. It's tender but not much swelling or pain. It's still pretty much flat even through my CG and binder.. :) hopefully it'll continue this way..

More pics..

Pics I forgot earlier this morning..

Sore & Tender :-/

Omg it feels so weird walking around without the CG or Binder.. Yesterday early morning I washed them and lord have mercy on my poor sOul, I honestly felt like rocks were falling from my body each step I took my body would jiggle.. I had to lay down ASAP! It hurt so bad!!! Smh Anywhoo yesterday I traveled for abt 6 hrs! It was really uncomfortable traveling/ sitting with the binder on, so I took it off. I was only wearing my CG....I was extra sore. I felt every pain while taking it and putting it back after my shower! Sigh! I guess it come with it's good and bad! Some days I feel absolutely great.. NO pain! Since yesterday I've been at the other end of the stick :-(

Update and Corset.

Hey y'all!! So since my one week follow up I've been doing ok I guess! Nurse Lee said I looked pretty good. I have no idea what my measurements are! I'll be sure to check next time. Im now in a corset.. I was told to do so instead of buying another CG and binder. (!??! ) so far I've been feeling ok! A lot of itching- OH MY GOODNESS ITS FRUSTRATING! I'm wearing a small corset! I think it's a 24-26"

I'm still sore and tender as heck.. And i think my swelling is more noticeable now.. I have a huge swelling on my lower back! Can u see it? It's so tender and I find it hard to sleep on it at times.. I haven't bought any massager.. I've just been using my hands! Does the massager really make a difference? Please let me know.

Ok the corset. It's a small.. I hate that when I have it on it makes a dent in the middle! So when I take it off, I have that lil division btw my upper and Lower ab.. Is that normal? Does anyone else have that same problem? What should I do abt that?

Updated pics


Help! I hate my Corset

Really thinking of getting the magic garment what y'all think? I'm not a fan of the laced up corset! But my latex one is annoying! It's folding in the front. And it's causing my lower ab to stick out! I need it to be flat and even like I was the day after surgery! I do also know this maybe caused from swelling but just prolly need to still get another one!! Helpppp


Day 2 looks way better than day 10..

Updated CG!!!

So I actually bought this one but in black

Epsom salt bath

Ladies so I took my first Epsom salt bath today since surgery!! I really needed this bath! Feeling amazing right now. Calm and well relaxed! Here I've posted pics of the night before surgery when I took my last bath because I knew I couldn't for a few days. This is a pic of the new me a few minutes ago! Wow! What A huge difference sitting ....!
Oh and I'm picking up my new garment today at 5pm will let you know how it fits.. ;)

I'm over these Garments!

I'm really over these darn garments! Like really OVER THEM! I refuse to spend a penny more!

So I decided to go with the garment from Raineywear.com and I initially wanted a small but some how the lady convinced me to get the medium! Ugh!
I hate it! I need more support for my lower abdomen, that's the main area I'm really worried about.. I have to put my binder really tight for it to hug my curves! If I don't it basically looks like a str8 like down the sides! Ugh
I might as well continue to wear my stage1 because I feel like it gives me more support than this one..

Also, the open crotch design is a good thing but it tends to ride up backwards and give you more open area in the back than in the front so it takes adjusting manually when using the bathroom.

Overall, I found the garment comfortable but there is little support for the stomach so I wouldn't recommend this garment as a stage two..

Hopefully tomorrow I can go to their office and exchange it...
Atlanta Dermatologic Surgeon

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