Lifestyle Lift Very Painful

I had mine done in June and was not at all...

I had mine done in June and was not at all prepared for the painful recovery or time needed to look normal again. So far the jowls are gone and neck looks better, but the scars in front of my ears are still red and large. We won't even talk about how the backs look. For the results, which are subtle, this procedure was not worth it. I'm still wearing my hair to cover my ears and using Mederma, but was never told that this would still be an issue after four months. Overall this was very traumatic, even though I really wanted to have this procedure done.
I am from Illinois, contact me.I also know of another unhappy LSL patient here
I live in illinois and am considering, please give me any info you can.
Dear Benton9523, All I can say is that if you are considering plastic surgery, please go to a real plastic certified doctor and stay away from Lifestyle Lift. It is not what it seems. Surgery is very invasive, you need to see a doctor that believes in their patients going to a hospital for the procedure. Lifestyle Lift is a butcher shop.
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