Lifestyle Lift Very Visable Scars!

I really wish I would have read these comments...

I really wish I would have read these comments before I had the procedure. I would not reccomend this to anyone. I had my procedure two years ago and I now look just like I did when I went in. Actually the lift did not last for that long. The difference is that I now have very visable scars, numbness and one earlobe lower than the other. Very painful recovery. Three days of being completely out of it on pain pills.

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My scars are really bad

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Is there anything I can have done to improve my horrible scaring around my ears. the thing i love to do is wear my hair up. that is not going to happen for a long time now.
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There should be a lawyer for all of us who was scar. my stitches came out and I have scars on my cheeks. Try to wear hair up for that and star on a life style lift t.v. infrocommerical.
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Did you call the office and ask for more pain meds? They give you enough for fifteen days? But I know that most LSL Dr.'s will consider giving you more if it is needed.
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Yeah what pain pill can take the scars.
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Yeah I read one post where someone said it was painful and she could smell her skin burning. I really like this site. Its great for reference. Sorry to hear that you had such a bad exp. Can anything be done to fix the problems from the procedure?
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