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Just wanted everyone to know about my experience...

Just wanted everyone to know about my experience with LL.  I had my LL in Atlanta by Dr. F.  There was no pain during the surgery.  I have a very low pain tolerance and was sooo afraid.  The only uncomfortable part was having to wear a bandage over my head and under my neck for 2 weeks to control the swelling.  I'm happy with the results and would do it again but feel their advertising is deceptive.  No one would walk out after the surgery and go to lunch!  They couldn't because their face is too swollen to eat!  Also you're all bandaged up.  And I can't imagine going back to work due to the swelling and wrap.  You will have to take a week off from work due to swelling, possible bruising and having to wear the wrap night and day.  Maybe not all docs have you do this, but they all did in Atlanta as far as I know.   Check out your doctor!  Mine had extensive experience in facial plastic surgery and had written quite a few professional articles on it.  Any questions, just contact me.



Oh no what happened to Dr. Franco?
Has anyone had the LSL done in Atlanta Ga. By Dr. Franco. I would like to know if they are happy with their results and do they have any visible scar around their ears? -- Editor note: You must be contacted privately to receive the doctor information you have requested. Other users may contact you by clicking on your username.
has anyone had the lsl done in santa ana.. can you tell me the good and the bad...dr. lee is doing doing my surgery nov. 4....i'm really nervous after reading these comments. ackerman
Ramon Franco

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