Still Looking Great After 2 Years!!!

I am a vibrant and lively 73 year old...

I am a vibrant and lively 73 year old great-grandmother and though I'd like to believe I've always looked good for my years, I must say I think I look better now that I have in ages!

Before this procedure, I hid from cameras and when I did see pictures of myself, I cringed. I hated the sagging skin around my lower face and neck. I wanted to do something about it but I didn't want to have a full facelift - it just seemed so involved.

I heard about this procedure from my daughter and I decided to check it out for myself. I went in and talked to a lady who explained the process with all the details and I immediately knew this was it! I ended up having my lower face & neck done - it's been 2 years and I still look great!

At first, I did have a bit of swelling in front of my ears and was having difficulty sleeping but it all went away in about 4 or 5 days. I do not have any scars and my jowls and "turkey neck" are no more!

I was so happy that I went back a couple months afterward to have my upper eye lids done! Although I did have some swelling again on my eyes, I recovered faster than my first procedure. It's been a wonderful experience overall and it was definately worth it!


take heart sevent something. when I posted my satisfaction with my results, ( thinking that this was a sounding board for everyone), they accused me od being with Lsl too!! It is ironic that 53% of the people voted, according to this page gave the procedure, but you and I get lambasted for saying we had nice results. NO procedure has 100% bad, or 100% bad results. I have no doubt the others had bad results, and have no alternative motive. i wish they could give us the same respect rather than being mean and caustic. So much dor free speech, eh? I am sure others have stopped posting too, because of the vindictive posts. Congrats on your results. I am 3 years out.....can still feel a stitch under the skin under my left ear but other than that, no issues and face is still improved. cheers!
Sure would like to see those photos - this sounds too much like the advetising hype in the LSL handouts & video!
so where r the pictures if you really had this done, they say seeing is believing????
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