My storey starts 10 months ago. I was a big man at...

My storey starts 10 months ago. I was a big man at 393 pounds. I had gastric bypass on June 20, 2007. By April 17, 2008 I 210 pounds at 6'1" tall. I had a tremendous amount of excess skin that hung under my chin and jowls. I decided to make an investment in myself and consulted Lifestyles in Santa Anna. Dr {edited} told me in my consultation that due to the amount of loose skin on my head, the best I could hopw for was 75% inprovement. My proceedure was 3 days ago on April 17, 2008. I waited 3.5 hours before the proceedure started. Dr. {edited} was in another proceedure that was running late. After starting, Dr. {edited} soent 3 hours working on me. The muscle straps in the neck had to be sewed together which had a cost of an additional $1,000 collected moments prior to begining. First 2 days I had pain to a great degree. On the 3rd day no more pain pills and the swelling is decreasing. Had plenty of bruising around the neck area and swelling at the sides of the face. By the 3rd day you could see real results shapping up. My under chin is flat and my lower face seams very tight. Only missed 1-1/2 days of work which was great. I work behind a desk and I would not suggest some one working with his hands to rush back to work. Your neck will be tight and unable to move your head fully. I expect to see great results in just a few days and get my stiches out 9 days after the proceedure. I highly recomend Dr {edited} based out of Santa Anna Calif. Ken Rich Alta Loma Ca.
I have similar circumstances and have surgery scheduled for the 19th of February. Seeing all of the reviews has made me very nervous and apprehensive. Are you still happy with your results?
Anyone out there had the LSL done in Dallas? I have a consultation on May 31 and I'd like to here from anyone who has any experience with this office. Thanks, Kathy S.
I'm scheduled for my procedure(s) at the beginning of May. I looked on this site (all 35 pages) for every entry from the Dallas office, and found 99.9% thumbs-up mega satisfaction from those who had Dr. S perform their LSLs. I was told by the VERY NICE consultant that Dr. S had performed more under-eye procedures than the other MD's in that office, so I scheduled with him. However, Dr. H is the MD who performed the consultant's procedure, and she looks beautiful! Everything about my office visit met with my approval, from the cleanliness of the office, speaking with and confirming my appt with the office mgr., the patience of the consultant in office, and the responses from her to my numerous e-mail inquiries.
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