No where to turn. - Nightmare - Pennsylvania, PA

Physician not board certified plastic surgeon as...

Physician not board certified plastic surgeon as stated.  Pain, pain, pain!!! Scarring, Scarring, Scarring!!!   Office closed without informing me while still under care.  No where to turn. 

Had to undergo 2nd surgery with board certified plastic surgeon to repair scarring left as a result of Dr.  DO NOT DO THIS!!!! 

It is two years later, and am still in pain, In a lawsuit -- more $.  Permanent damage to eye due mistreatment of eye infection.  Can't believe what I have gone through! 

Always felt beautiful, now, can't look at people and feel comfortable.  Please, Please do not believe their sales pitch!  6 months later & still was wearing sunglasses and bandades to hide scars.  There is no back to work in one week or one hour surgery.  Mine to over 4 hours.  Lies, lies, lies!!! 

My doctor is NOT associated with lifestyle life. I had the threading proceedure. I was given enough valium to calm me and I actually fell asleep during the proceedure. Shots of novecain were administered to all of the nerve sites that would experience any pain from the threading. I know novecaine is painful to some people but for soome reason it hase never been painful for me.I woke up once and groggily asked about a thread that was poking out of my face like whiskers. A thread lift has no cutting done. They threads the skin from behid the hairling and draw it out through the face at the geographical muscle site to create as even a result after the proceedure. Once all of the threads at out, they re-thread back and knot at the insertion site. I have absolutely no marks from where the threads were re-entered. My eyes are slightly lifted, I'm satisfied with that part. I still have a bit of comma jowls. The double chin is less but the flesh at the neck still remains loose-ish. Now, when I wash my face and apply any pressure downward against the pull of the threads I can feel them tug and experience a slight pain at the pressure against the barbs inside the muscles. At least this is a reminder that those threads are solidy entrenched and doing their job. For the cost of laser treatments to shrink the skin, the thread lift itself and the pain and recovery time I would suggest a plastic surgeon. Thread lift would be good for younger women just noticing the areas of the face that are just beginning to sag. I have very large glands in my neck and a thread lift can't eliminate those large glands and I doubt plastic surgery could either. The thread lift was not succesful in eliminating the neck waddle though my doctor (not a plastic surgeon) applied many sessions of laser treatments to tighten the skin (PAINFUL!!!!!). After my thread lift my face looked like a truck hit it. People who saw me thought I had had a major brain surgery my bruises were so bad. I bruise EASILY and that was not their fault. I should have followed the after care directions more closely. Ice, ice, ice! Also, sleep on your back, pillows supporting your head do it doesn't move left to right and sleep tilted upward, almost to the point of sitting sitting. This causes the fluids to drain and eliminate a lot of the problems of swelling and bruising. Eating is a no no. Sipping carefully through a straw decreases the breakage of the threads while they are still healing. You should not drive. You are not supposed to turn your neck at all, during the fragile healing period. Tissue has not mended enough to tightly gram onto the barbs in the surgitcal sutures. Not turning your head in any direction makes safe driving impossible. I think I look a bit better, tiny knots behind the hair line that are the anchors for the threads. Not a problem. One of my eye brows is slightly wrinkled as the thread was a tad tight. After 20 months it has slowly started moving downward. The recovery pain was intense and my doctor gave me as much vicodin as needed to quell the pain. If you are going to undergo the laser treatment for tightening the collogen, ask for a shot of demerol and a vicodin. IT HURTS!!!!!! It super heats the skin and you can here is sizzle and burn. So, next time I am ready to try to uplift my face, I will definately go to a board certified Plastic Surgeon. My docotr was incredibly nice and there were absolutelt no problem of getting checkups (she has a schedule set up in advance to see you weekly for the healing stages if she needs to make any adjustment to the tissue pulling.) She is diligent and very warm, as is her staff. She is in Woodinville, WA- {edited} Editor note: you must join RealSelf so you can be contacted privately with doctor recommendations and feedback. This requires free registration for an account. When registering you must opt-in to receiving private contacts (a check box).
I am thinking of this Lifesyle face lift. Is there anyone who has had this procedure done in NYC and ready to share their stories, good or bad? I am particularly interested in those who have had this done more than 2 years ago as I would hate to have spend all this money and find out that the surgery only lasts 1-2 years. If the comments I have been reading about are true, people are upset at the severe scarring and the fact that this did not last longer than a year or so. What (if anyone) has stories about threading? A friend of mine had a partial face life about 10 years ago and still looks great. Anyone have anything to say about that procedure? Thanks
For all of those who felt no pain and pouring accolades over their procedure yet telling the rest of us who are posting about our bad ordeal that we are impersonating competing plastic surgeons, how dare you? For that matter, perhaps you are the sales agents or the Dr's who are performing for lifestyle. Plastic surgeons by the way would get 20,000 for a full face lift, scars would be where they are supposed to be. Those Dr's are board certified, they make tons of money doing a professional job, would not spend their spare time looking up sites like this to voice an opinion on shoddy work. They have a life! We too are suing. Let's get together and share our experiences to bring justice to this mess. This was done in Phoenix {Edited for email address} Editor note: you must join RealSelf so you can be contacted privately with doctor recommendations and feedback. This requires free registration for an account. When registering you must opt-in to receiving private contacts (a check box).
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