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I had a bad experience, i felt my surgery was...

i had a bad experience, i felt my surgery was rushed, and was told i had to had lipo on the chin first!

the dr broke two veins in my chin and had to repair that! lots of pain and bruising all over my chin to the botton of my neck!

its been 1 month and my ears are still stinging like needles!

i still have a big hard knot on my chin and upper neck!
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I had my LSL done in June of 2010 and it was a miserable experience.
Dr. Palmer acted like he couldn't wait to get me out of the chair. I felt most of the procedure even after multiple injections. I am not a whiner, but my surgery was very rushed, and I felt like the doctor could have cared less. The next day I began bleeding and called the office like I was told to do. NO ONE called me back!! Like others, I spent $5400 for something that wasn't worth it. After 7 months, my loose skin on my neck has returned. I still have the "turkey neck."
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I would never have this done after reading this. And thank you - I wanted to do it!!!
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this is to everyone that had any procedure done.i'm very grateful to have read the storys posted on the site.i'm only 26 and i wanted to get the lifestyle lift done to my turkey neck.since i have lost weight i still have the double chin going on and i don't know what to do about it?i'm not rich at the least so the lifestyle lift is a definitly not happening in this lifetime and also all the problems and money just throwed away when all that anyone wants like me is to feel great about yourself.i'm very sorry for everyone's pain and suffering.everyone's story helped me think again about what i wanted to do in many ways.i still wish i could lose the neck issue without the outragious price and the serious sideeffects?i wish everyone the best!

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It has been a year since I had my eyes, chin, and neck done..It was painful, and 3-4 different times I felt the shin being carterized and had to yell to stop. My eys look like someone put thread through the lids and then pulled the thread, gathered looking, I have a scar by one of my eyes, a scar under my chin that I was told would only look like a pin hole and it is 1 inch long and my neck is sagging. I went back after about 6 months and the dr. told me to wait things would get better, well they haven't, it's worst and no one is returning my calls to come back. 8000.00 what an idot I was...
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I had the lifestyle lift 2 months ago. I now know I took a big risk and I'm lucky that my face looks "okay". The surgery was rushed and extremely painful (and I mean worse that childbirth painful). I have scars in front and behind my ears and there is not that much difference in my appearance. Would I do it again? No way!!!!
  • Reply are you doing? You know that there is a class action lawsuit against LSL....please contact me at if you would like more information.
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where did u get the LSL? How did you pick this doctor?
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