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On the initial visit to inquire about the...

On the initial visit to inquire about the lifestyle lift, I spoke with a representative who assured me that it would accomplish every thing I was asking for (smoothing out deep lower facial lines, correcting a wrinkled neck). When I met with the doctor who was going to perform the surgery he too assured me that he could take care of both problems. Unfortunately, the deep lines btween my mouth and chin were not improved and my neck looks better but not as well as it should. I had my neck done 10 years ago and knew what to expect and it wasn't what I got. When I complained the doctor basically told me this was as good as it was going to get and denied his previous promises. This chain of plastic surgery clinics is like a face lift assembly line. In the post op waiting room (separate from the new clients) 4 out 7 were unhappy with the results. One needed corrective surgery to repair the damage and one was there to set up a "do over" proceedure. Some of their doctors may be very good but some are very bad. They assign you to one of their staff doctors and you have no way of knowing his level of skill. Do not recommend!

Debra, thanks for your concern. I belive there are at least 3 perhaps 4 doctors at the Santa Ana Lifestyle Lift clinic and I did have an opportunity to meet and talk with the doctor who operated on me two weeks prior to the surgery. However the results are not what he demonstrated and discussed with me. I am still in the process of healing but thank God so far I do not seem to be disfigured. When the bandages came off the day after surgery the reults were difficult to see and then the area was covered by a facial garment. It wasn't until the 2nd day after surgery that I became concerned and called the clinic. By the time my stitches were removed it was apparent to me that the surgery was only partially successful. For example, I am extremely dissapointed that the lines between the corners of my mouth and chin which were supposed to heve been corrected have not been. I experienced a lot of bruising pain from the surgery and it is doubtful I will put myself through this kind of elective surgery again. I do not recommend them.
Cynif, I do not understand what happened during your surgery that did not correct that which you were asking for. How many drs. work at this clinic and why weren't you told ahead of time who would be doing your surgery? Most people want to know the dr. who is going to perform the surgery as well as what to expect. I hope all works well for you and you have better luck with another surgeon. I can only hope that most people who sign on get to meet the dr. that will do the work. Did they assist you in corrective surgery in a follow up. Are you getting better and what exactly did you look like when the bandages were removed. Are you badly scarred or just dissappointed with the results? My best to you
Lifestyle Lift Santa Ana, CA - Dr. Sadati

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