Don't Have a Lifestyle Lift Unless You Are Impervious to Pain

A few years ago I was one of the first to undergo...

A few years ago I was one of the first to undergo a "Lifestyle Lift." On the positive side, their staff is wonderful and will try infinitely to accommodate the successful recouperation of each and every patient. In fact, if you are dissatisfied in any way, they will re-do your procedure and call you back for continuous monitoring while treating you with the utmost respect throughout your recuperation, regardless of however long it takes.

However, for me, Lifestyle Lift was a very bad decision.I am still recuperating from the nightmare.I thought a Lifestyle lift would diminish those horrible "marionette" lines around my nose and mouth but I was sadly mistaken. I still need filler and whole heartedly regret starting with this surgical nightmare. I have horrible scars around, and in back of my ears and am very self conscious about exposing my ears and the areas around them. I am so ashamed, I even changed hairdressers. Now, I can never wear my hair up, or get caught on a windy day for fear of my hair blowing away and exposing my horrible secret - and my scars itch and burn.

Don't fool yourself about this so called "procedure." It's a horrible, painful operation where you can feel every cut and turn of the knife. I remember everything. If you can afford it, have your surgery under general anesthesia and save Lifestyle Lift for those few brave souls that can endure anything.

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Perhaps others are stronger than me and won't have the complications and extreme pain that I endured. My doctor was great. I have no complaints with the doctor or medical staff. It was the procedure itself that caused me so much pain and distress. If you can afford it, have general anesthesia and whatever aftercare is necessary to insure that you don't end up in agony, and with permanent scars, like me .

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Please check out the DR. Ask for other patients he/ she has done.
You say others have done well. I suggest you read the threads here, because there are many who did badly. There are good & bad in every field, including surgery& LSL is no exception. Call your state medical boards, BBB and ABPS. (American Board of Plastic surgery)
It is your face & a lifetime of pain is not worth the inexpensive prices they offer.
Good Luck
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9196anon you are conflicted?

Does this help?
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I am seriously thinking of having this done. Could this have just been a one time bad experience? Others seem to have done well. I am so conflicted!
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I'm sorry to hear what happened. Thank you for posting your story you saved me from this procedure. I was seriously considering to have this lifestyle lift until I read your review and others. I hope in time things will get better for you. Take care.
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