Good at First, but After 6 Mo Began to See Sagging

At first I was praising LSL because the results...

At first I was praising LSL because the results were so good. After 6 mo I started seeing sagging in my neck again. My eyes still look good, but now after a year (11/29/06 was my procedure date) I am trying to hide my neck again. I have sagging, wrinkly skin, not as bad as when I had the procedure but I am very dissatisfied! I guess I had one of the better doctors but for the ordeal I had expected this to last over 5 yrs. I exercise, eat low fat and take care of myself so this is attributed to my lifestyle at all. People would tell me I didn't look my age before the surgery, but I had bags under my eyes (person asked if I didn't get enough sleep!)and had the saggy, baggy skin under my neck. I wish I had saved the money and used it on a real plastic surgeon. Anyone else in this area who is not happy with their results?
Did you know that a class actioin lawsuit has been filed recently against LSL? Reply if you are interested.
Need info please list or share detailed info on lawsuit please
Please see my note under "be prepared for scars" I had the LSL in Denver over a year ago. Although my surgeon is no longer with the office - a second LSL surgeon I saw about a scar revision thought my initial expectations were unrealistic. Per this doctor, I should have expected some scars.
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