The experience was a bit frightenin - Update - Seattle, WA

I had the LSL done four months ago. The experience...

I had the LSL done four months ago. The experience was a bit frightening ( sounds, pain,) they had to keep giving me shots because I could feel the incisions being made.Also they need to come up with something so you don't hear the incision as they are being made.

Does anyone know how long this LSL lasts? I keep reading after a certain amt of months - one year, it goes back. Does anyone know how to remove the perm. stitches within the connective tissue? Why does it itch? Are the stitches some kind of nylon or allergic reaction? I am having all the symptoms I am reading about and I only had this done Aug. 20, 2007. Does it get worse? Does it ever go away?
I had it done on August 24th. I'm pretty swolledn and worried that I'll still look bad after 10 days when I go back to work. My stitches come out tomorrow. I have a black eye too.

It has been a year and a half since I had the LIFT...

It has been a year and a half since I had the LIFT. I wanted to update and let it be known that my skin is sagging again. The lift in the neck area did not last very long, (which was my main concern ). Has anybody thought of a class action suit against LSL?

Washington State protects it's medical providers no matter what. You can do nothing except warn others.
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