3 Weeks Later Good Results Are Gone

Three weeks later and I'm not $4600 happier! Face...

Three weeks later and I'm not $4600 happier! Face is still numb, but the crepey neck and mouth "jowls" are already creeping back. The procedure may last two hours, but the recovery is long and it is painful! I'm still uncomfortable. I can't turn my head completely and the back of my ears and head are still sore. Sutures weren't removed and haven't all fallen out.It seems as though some sort of glue was used on my neck because as I washed it gobs of gunk came off, somewhat like a lot of dead skin. I'm still hopeful that the procedure was worth it, but right now I'm still sleeping on my back, taking Extra strength for pain, and praying the face doesn't drop back to the original look that I was guaranteed would be improved.


I'm so disappointed all the Lifestyles Lifts I've read so far. This is not for me after all. I quess there are plenty that have been very satisfied, but not seeing them. What's with the doctors not following up to help these ladies that came to them for help to begin with? You really need to read the contract before making that final signature. It sounds like most are not really "doctors", but technicians or medical assistance, which may be minimally trained.
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