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I had the life style lift january 13th 09.  i...

i had the life style lift january 13th 09.  i am 6 weeks into it... i still have swelling and hardness down the sides of my face... i have little fatty deposits around my mouth... i still feel very uncomfortable... the only good thing i can see .. is my chin and neck  look good... (there wasnt that much to do )

i went to the dr. 2-26-09... he says the swelling will go down... i need more time to heal...

they make everything sound so easy and quick..its not!!!  i wanted this done for my birthday and anniverary.  i am in my late 50's and just wanted some improvement... its to early to tell right now if it was worth it..

i would appreciate any feed back on recovery time from any one..or if any one had fatty deposits around their mouths, and did it go away? thanks

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my dr. has been there everytime i call to answer my questions.. if everything heals like he says..i will be very happy

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Has anyone had a LSL with Dr. Padda in St. Louis.? I see him for injections and they have helped my very much. But this is something altogether different thing.
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I had this done 2 years ago. The procedure itself was traumatic (something they don't tell you) and bruising lasted awhile, but this is individual. I am very pleased with the results, but do remember that your face is pretty tight the first few months. I took pictures along the way, which I viewed the other night, and was shocked to see how 'stretched' I looked. All in all, I'm glad I had it done. I plan to have my eyelids done and was told that the shots are less painful related to an additive to the lidocaine, and that they give you as much Valium to relax you as you need (something I could have used the last time since things were running so late & it had long worn off!) Hope this helps.
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I had the lift about two years ago, and I would not recomment it to anyone. I was 62 when it was done and it looked really good for about a year, but I feel that it is all back the way it way now. I have numbness and itching around the ears--it sometimes drives me crazy. I would not recommend this to anyone. If I was going to have something done again, I would want to have it done under anesthetic. This is a very crude way to have something done. When they say you may return to work the next day or so, that is totally false. There is at least a week of recovery. I really think that this sould be against the law!
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