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Had wrinkles in neck wanted to get rid of, had...

had wrinkles in neck wanted to get rid of, had procedure done almost 2 years ago in STL-had very little result, lots of pain,looked like ET for 2 years & still don't look normal. Their recovery time is very misleading, this is major surgery.

Did NOT do what Dr. said it would. Think it would work for "turkey necks", which is not what I had. have very visable scars, patches of skin behind ears, can't wear hair behind ears. had several long pockets filled with fluid that had to be drained on cheek, still have discoloring there which is very noticeable.

NOT WORTH IT-been better off not wasting $ & putting toward a face lift later that would have had results.


Doris, look him up in the state and county on the internet. Being a RN you should be privy to that kind of info from the State Medical Board. If not, call them or look him up there. That is how I found out all the info on my doctor. BUT... it does and will not list any pending litigation, you have to go to the county to find that out.
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I am an RN and I have read several of the comments regarding post-op recovery. I think that after the procedure is explained it is reasonable to expect pain/swelling, and a "recovery period". I am thinking of having a Lifestyle Lift in Beverly Hills, Ca. with Dr. Gocken. I have been unable to find any feedback on him or his track record. Does anyone know anything about him? Does anyone know anything about the LifeStyle Lift in Beverly Hills, Ca?
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Welcome to realself. The only place anyone who has been wronged by LSL has any way to get the word out to unsuspecting folks about what really happens there. I can only hope that we can warn enough women & men that they will finally have to close or produce the results that they claim on TV and in print. Keep the Faith! Best, Chrsytal
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the dr. there was available, better than most lifestyle drs. from what I have read

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