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Do not get Life Style Lift. I had it done two...

Do not get Life Style Lift. I had it done two years ago for my daughter's wedding. I have pain, a discolored black on both sides of my face and horrible scars. My neck is still the same as before the surgery.

I feel so ugly now, I grew my hair to cover my face. I am not as out going and I cry alot. Please don't make this mistake.

Dr. Fairas

My son-in-laws' mother also had this and her experience was terrible also.

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The commercial is annoying with has-been Debbie Boone lip syncing her one and only major hit song. That should be enough to scare people away!
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In case anyone is interested, you can see the commercial here.

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I had my LSL 04/13/09 at the Phoenix, AZ location and I only have one thing to say "wow...I love my new face"!! I am 61 yrs. old and needed to tighten my neck and get rid of the jowels. I got a wonderful jawline back with minimal discomfort. If I could put my pictures before and after on the computor I would do it to show that this is a great procedure. When I read all of these negative comments (which by the way I read today, 2 1/2 weeks after my fabulous LSL procedure) I couldn't believe what I was reading. I honestly couldn't. My LSL location was professional from the receptionist to the physician. My procedure was exactly as it was presented to be except that I did have a little more discomfort in the initial follow up days than I had anticipated. Other than that, it was perfectly executed. I read the comments from the individual who said the numbing injections were a nightmare and I was so puzzled by her comments. Yes, there were a number of small injections all around both ears and neck but the pain was just a series of "pricking" sensations. All I know is I am so happy that I did not read all of these comments prior to my procedure or I may have cancelled. This is the best thing I have done for myself in my whole lifetime. The pain was minimal, the bruising was minimal, the swelling was minimal and my new face is fabulous. It is really odd to me that the comments on this site are all or nothing. In other words the LSL was either fantastic or the nightmare of the century. Come on people there has to be a middle ground. Research your LSL location, your physicians and then be realistic about your possible results. As far as Oprah knowing the truth about the procedure....I am the proof....fabulous!!!
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was considering LSL for my daughter's upcomming wedding also. Found this website when I looked for "Lifestyle Lift lawsuits". after reading many pros and cons, your testimony was the key taht seaked the lock!!! I was concerned that the doctor told me I would be signing a consent form that also prohibited me from any legal recourse if I should suffer any nerve damage!?! I cant understand a reputable doctor asking a patient to sign an agreement that they would not sue if the doctor caused nerve damage. He said it was a universal practice because there are so many nerves in the face and because there were so many "frivolus" lawsuits around the country regarding this problem. I am truly sorry you are suffering and will pray for your recovery and I thank God that I found you and this website BEFORE I made a bad judgment.
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Thank you. I am glad that you choose not to have the surgery. My face continues to be painful and discolored. I am even afraid to have corrective surgery. Mi-Ki
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It was deinetly worth it
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