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54 Years Old - Lexington, KY

I have been doing Botox for about 5 years . I say...

I have been doing Botox for about 5 years . I say instead of tension headaches , I have tension faceache. Botox really makes me feel more rested in the face because I do very close up work.
I went to my Dermatologist for my usual Botox and was informed that they are now using something different, never asked if I want to change my usual just handed me a flier on Xeomin. Looking back I should have said no I want what I have been doing for 5 years.
I don't like the Xeomin at all. My brow does not at all feel relaxed if anything it feels worse. I feel like it went into my lids and made them droopy. I went to my Dr today and told her I did not like it, she just kept looking at me telling me it worked.I proceeded to tell her I don't like it and wanted to know if she would credit me when I do Botox next, because I'm not letting her use anymore of this and feel more droopy, she said no , it's working. I think what she is doing is getting a better deal on this drug because the patent on Botox is up and so this product has been introduced at a cheaper price.
I had the same experience "droopy lids" except it wasn't cheaper than botox, $14 a unit.
Thanks for sharing.  That is so disappointing that you aren't experiencing tension relief from the Xeomin like you did from the Botox.  Hopefully it wears off quickly so you can go back to Botox.  Let us know if anything changes.  Welcome to the Community.
Dr. Roth

I love my Dr but didn't really appreciate not being asked to change from Botox, telling me we are changing it .

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