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Full TT, over 5 pounds of skin removed. Was a size 16 - Lexington, KY

I had full TT with lipo of hips and flanks 2 days...

I had full TT with lipo of hips and flanks 2 days ago (April 28th).

My pain has been very tolerable thus far. I think having previously had 2 C-sections helped me know how to cope and what to expect.

I was pretty out of it in the recovery room, when the PS was giving my husband the full report on how the surgery went, but according to my hubby, the PS said he removed 5.5 pounds of abdominal skin and one litre total of fat from hips and flanks.

My husband tells me that the PS (20 yrs. experience) said it was the most skin he'd ever removed during a TT. I was wondering if those of you who have already had your TTs remember how much of your skin was removed? I will go in for my post-op visit on Monday and can confirm his statement, but Im just curious as to whether this really is a lot more than the norm. BTW, I feel great and highly recommend going for it to anyone out there considering this surgery!

Its May 1st here in thoroughbred country. Derby is...

Its May 1st here in thoroughbred country. Derby is in
one week. Guess I'll be missing all those fun Derby parties, but that's OK by me this year! The only pain I feel is while Im attempting to stand up or sit down. I find that pressing a smallish pillow firmly on my abdomen helps greatly in those situations. otherwise, just experiencing the general discomfort of sitting in my recliner for the last 3 days-back and hips feel sore.
Two questions for the group: Does anyone else out there have the Sofpulse electrotherapy apparatus on with their garment? Secondly, how many days supply of valium/muscle relaxer were you all given? Had my TT on Thurs, and it's Sunday morning. I only have one more dose of each left. Is this normal? Seems a bit soon to be off perscription strength painkillers. I had more when I had my C-sections if I'm not mistaken. Thoughts? Advice?

Now 5 days post op. Feeling very little pain....

Now 5 days post op. Feeling very little pain. Walking around well and can almost stand up without discomfort. Of course, this brings on a whole new thing to obsessively worry about. Why can I almost stand up straight already? Whya doesn't my tummy feel as tight as most of you talk about? What if there is still too much skin laxity? Took my first shower today, not much swelling, yet! when should i expect that to start? i dont have drains as my doc uses a special stitching method that wont allow fluid buildup. share your thoughts guys as im starting to wonder whyi dont feel tighter?

Day 8. I felt great today and yesterday, and as a...

Day 8. I felt great today and yesterday, and as a result, I did way too much. I am hurtibg now. Guess I need to take it easy tomorrow and rest. Until 2 days ago my belly burton was looking so good, but I think my overdoing it has put some stress on it, b/c it's oozing a bit. Time to reign it in and remember the house won't fall apart without me.HA!

I dont have pre op pics -I was seriously too embarassed to post, but I plan on getting them from my doc so I can post before and after. I was a size 14/16 because of the massive amount of skin around my lower belly. I thought tummy tucks were only for cute little size 4s but this web site really helped me understand that TT can make a huge difference regardless of ones frame. Im very active and exercise is very important to me as is moderation of food and drink. Its taken me a long time to come to grips with the fact that I've just got a bigger frame and to be proud of it. Curvy is good! AND NO SAG IS EVEN BETTER!

Went to a 10 day post op. visit this morning. All...

Went to a 10 day post op. visit this morning. All looks very good to Doc. He removed my tape, showed me how beautifully my scar is healing, retaped (he's a big believer in changing out tape every 10 days). Sure enough Im now on a few Advil a day and one Lortab at night so I can sleep through the discomfort of the recliner! No pains at all except tight back muscles...until this afternoon. Ive got little jabs of sharp pains to the right of my belly button. Could be from the reduction in stitches after this morning's visit? Or could be a nerve? Dont know, but it's irritating. Its probably because I tried to do too many of my Mommy duties today! Driving, walking, driving, walking. Time to get in the recliner. Im only 10 days post op. Gotta keep that fact more at the front of my mind! Ladies, tell me what you did at 10 days out, as far as activity goes. I think I might be overdoing it.

Photo Update

Well,I've finally posted my pics. So hard to...

Well,I've finally posted my pics. So hard to look at the befores. But, maybe it will help someone else who is in my shoes. For years of exercising like crazy and eating well, I thought there was something I must not be doing correctly. Went through several trainers and lots of calorie counting. It really was so frustrating and heartbreaking to try so hard, yet look so out of shape. Now I know that all along, that "belly fat" I thought I had was 5.5 pounds of SKIN, less than one pound of FAT (on flanks), separated rectus abdominis muscles, and three BIG HERNIAS. Wish I would have had the courage to do this long ago!
Lexington Plastic Surgeon

In his field, he is untouchable! He was recommended to me by several surgeon and nurse friends. He's a perfectionist, excellent listener and such a pro.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Any new pics? You look great!
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Thank God for plastic surgery, this web site and of-course you. I am having my TT tomorrow and you have inspired me so much. it's true you can excersize 24/7 but that stomach just sits there.
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I'm going for a consult Monday 7/11/11 for a TT hopefully with lipo. I've been worrying mostly about the cost but reading this story and posts have helped me realize there's a lot more to worry about. Thanks to all for the honesty of your postings. Tjey are helping me keep in the reality of tis procedure.
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You look sensational! I just want to say that I too, have a belly like in your before pics and will be getting surgery in October!! I've had 2 c-sections and I walk every single day. Our shapes are pretty similar and yep...I blamed myself for struggling with weight issues when it is really a lot of loose/excess skin from pregnancies.

Please enjoy your awesome bod and thank you so, so much for sharing your pics...I'm going to post on here soon about my upcoming surgery!


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You'll be so glad you did it! Please jeep up your physical activity-even increase if you can. It's the key to a good recovery and optimum resylts! I look forward to hearing from you!
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Hey you look great!! Congrats on getting through the surgery! It will get better as you go. :)
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Interesting about the balance, I think you are right about center of gravity changing. I've also noticed I am not 'incontinent' anymore - another first. I think it is because there is no more weight/fat pressing on bladder - LOL. You are looking wonderful!
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Oh my I never thought of that Cheryl! I wonder if I should try going off my detrol and see what happens
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WOW! You look great curvy! You have a small little wasit now! Have you tried on jeans? If so what size are you wearing?

My PS removed 10lbs of skin (just answering the question you had asked in one of your first posts) lol.
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No Glamy, I am afraid to. I have big thighs b/c Im just built more athletically, and I don't really think they would fit in a 14. Im waiting awhile before I go shopping! I am down a size in dresses, and my old skinny jeans (16s) are too loose in the waist. At 4 weeks, I'll take that as a victory! How bout you? You are a bit ahead of me and had more removed, so give me your size now, so I can get inspired!
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Way to go! Keep it up... but if you ever need motivation just look at those before and after pix of yours. Worth it...No doubt. I am so happy for you.
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CONGRATULATIONS! You ended up with lovely curves and a super flat stomach. You look gorgeous! May I ask you how is the pain/discomfort you are going through at almost three weeks post surgery?
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No Pain, per se. My back and belly will start to ache if I overdo it on my activity level. Totally my fault! I've been sitting and sleeping in a recliner since day one very comfortably with a few pillows and bolsters. I've found it uncomfortable to sleep in the bed until last night when I tried again and did sleep there, only waking a few times to readjust. Just had stitches out Monday and am having to massage scar area 3ce daily with lotion and that is a bit uncomfortable for me. There is usually a point in each day where I just ache because I need to sit back in the recliner for a bit, relax and take 3 Advil. Hope that helps. Honestly, I have a high threshold for pain and didn't find the TT to be painful once my first round of pain killers kicked in on day one. Just here and there discomfort and aching when I try to push myself.
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I noticed how great you look and I had to post. You look awsome! I know you are happy. I was in almost the exact same boat as you. I was a size 16 before surgery and my PS took off 7 pounds of skin and 4 liters of fat from my abs flanks upper and lower back. My dr said the same thing yours said to you. He was shocked at how much skin I had hanging there.
I am now close to a size 12 and still very swollen and happy.
I to used to work out like a maniac and no results. I'm happy I did it.
Keep us posted on your progress.
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Size 12? That's very encouraging! My 16s don't fit anymore, but I cannot imagine I'll ever be a 12 again. How long ago did you have your surgery?
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WOW! I love the before pics it sure shows the changes you have undergone. Mine wasn't that much different then yours. You look awesome! Just think how much fun exercise will be when we can actually see some of the results now!
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I know! What will it be like to run and jump without that skin flapping up and down? HA! I already am having a little trouble each day with balance. Im not dizzy at all, but I'll stumble a bit when I step sideways or try to cross legs, and I think it's because my entire center of gravity has been affected by not having to carry that skin around anymore. It's amazing what a difference it has already made!
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Hi there, I'm new here & came across your before & after pics--your result is awesome! Your before pic could be my stomach. Can I ask what your pants size was before & after? I really hope for a similar result!
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size 14 in dresses. I was wearing 16 pants and the waistband was often tight while the pantlegs were too big. Very akward. Hard to find any cut of pants that worked for me.

Im 3 weeks post op so still quite swollen. My PT advised not to go buying much just yet as Ill shrink down more in the next 9 to 12 weeks. But already my old jeans are too big. Im wearing stretchy tights, yoga pants, and have bought a few inexpensive dresses to see me through the first part of the summer. I was pleased that my new dresses are Larges :) Before, an XL dress often didnt fit due to tightness in the "flap" area. Ill keep you posted as to what size I am in another month or so!
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Thanks, that's helpful!

I'm a 16/18 now. I need to lose about 35 lbs before I'm at my goal weight & will have surgery, so I'll probably end up about 14/16 then.
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You look very awesome and it appears most of the stretch marks are gone too! You're looking really really good! Shopping and new clothes are going to be a lot of fun! Getting into bikini and hipster undies without having them roll down and off is an incredible experience. Take care with your healing.
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Yes I got lucky with the stretch marks - most of the ones left behind are underneath the underwear! Or on my thighs and breasts. Man those 9 pound babies are rough on short people! ;(
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You look great!!
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wow girl what a difference you look great;)
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you look great!
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