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Currently on Month 5 Now Breaking out Again. - Lexington, KY

I am currently on my 5th month of Accutane, I had...

I am currently on my 5th month of Accutane, I had to take a break at the three month mark due to high triglycerides started back for a month with another high triglycerides so now going on fish oil to see it brings them down. I started working out with a trainer going on two months ago and just this past few week my face has started breaking out again. Any thoughts? My doctor says I'm going to be on Accutane for at least another five months. But until I started working out heavily my face was actually pretty clear.
Dr. Black

My doctor is terrific very friendly very knowledgeable and totally cares about me and my problems with my acne even at the age of 42.

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I was going to say the same as Sasch12, maybe you could try a diary to see if you've included something new in your diet or some product you use, otherwise it could be coincidental. I hope you get results soon.
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If you are doing weight training then your hormones could be going through the roof. Are you talking any supplements or drinking Whey? If so, those can be likely culprits. Try cutting out the supplements and dairy to see if they help. I took a 6 month 60 mg course of tane starting on OCT 2012 and ending on APR 2013 and i unfortunately never stopped breaking out. Give it time - it seems you still have ways to go.
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B vitamins and niacin in pre workout supplements cause cystic acne
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That's interesting, when you say B vitamins, are you including all types i.e. B6 or B12. I have taken B vitamins (complex B and niacin) and have never had an impact and I had struggled with severe cystic acne from the age of 18-30, in fact it was when I changed my diet and incorporated more vitamins when it I resolved the issue. I would suppose it would depend on each individual and a good way to test it would be to remove them from your diet and see if any improvement. There are so many triggers for acne and I believe it is very specific to the individual, something is basically going in the body and reacting in the form of acne. For me completely removing animal products from my diet cleared it right up and I have never seen another cyst since, I don't even get pimples...all I have left now is the scars. Oh, I'll add I am very physically active - runner, work out, yoga...
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Yes all b vitamins and niacin,most pre workout supplements contain excess amounts. Also redbull and energy drinks.only pre workout i know that does not contain these is vega sport its all natural ,you can research effects of those vitamins online also biotin and other supplements for skin hair and nails also causes cystic acne. There are also vitamins that help. Zinc,vitamin d,vitamin c and a vitamins
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I used to use Vega for years but realized they are not organic and they had recent recall that didn't impress me, I mean I know recalls happen but I just decided it was time for a change. Won't go near Redbull or any of those so called energy drinks, they scare me! 
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Eva, that was the same for my friend. She had cystic acne aged 21, she became vegan and the cysts cleared up. She didn't take any medication but she did later have treatment for the scars. It seems there are so many causes out there, it's tough, I know how she suffered.
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Hey there, thanks for sharing your experience with Accutane with us. There is a connection between exercise and acne, when it comes to the face just be sure not to touch you face as you work out and make sure your towel is clean before wiping your face if you use one as there are all kinds of unwanted bacteria in the gym. Be sure to wash your face well after you work out and drink lots of water to help flush you system. My son has been experiencing breakouts since he has been working out harder too and some days are worse than others. One thing that helps him is regular lemon treatments. What I do is cut a fresh organic lemon and rub on his face and let sit 10-15 min. You can also try a raw honey mask, really great for the skin. 

Good luck! Keep us posted. 
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