Three Weeks Away! My Boobie Dreams Are Coming True - Lethbridge, AB

I am so excited! I have wanted bigger breasts...

I am so excited! I have wanted bigger breasts since i was 14. I can remember looking at my mother and asking her when i would get breasts... She would always reply.."theyll come"... They didnt. Two years ago i was a small 34 c, i was OK with that size. I recently gave birth to my first child in july and it has left me empty handed in the breast department... Literally. I have been left with a sad deflated pair of AA's... And i only BF for two months!

Anyways long story short i went for my consult with dr. Hasell in lethbridge last monday and am more than impressed! I am 5'6 118lbs, bwd:13. Dr. Hasell has reccomended i go with the mentor smooth cohesive gel mod plus, submuscular. Wow that is a mouth full! My surgery is on April 9th and i cannot wait! Finally i will have my boobies.

Only one anxiety... Little worried 375 wont be enough and i will wish i had gone bigger. Ive considered the 400cc but am then worried that the diameter.of 13.1 will give me a uniboob look.

How exciting for you! Did your doctor mention a slight loss in cc's when going under the muscle? Maybe this along with trying on sizers (again?) will help you with your final decision. You seem fairly tiny to me! Congrads on your decision and keep us updated!

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