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Very Sad I Had Lux 1540 - Left my Face Limp, Hollow and Rough - Lenexa, KS

Please, please, please don't do this procedure...

Please, please, please don't do this procedure. Ruined my skin. My results are the same as Awalk [another RealSelf user] but I don't have as many of the red sores. It's like it destroyed all the fat in my face leaving it limp and hollow. The surface is very rough looking and my pores are bigger than they have ever been and are now enlarged over my entire face.

It has been over two years and I cry alot still. I don't like to go out in public. I have tried everything to improve the damage but have had no success. The results get worse by the day and it has been over 2 years.

Dr. Leiker

My doctor treated it as if it was no big deal.

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That doctor is a crook. A Lux 1540 should NOT cost $2100 dollars and then do that kind of damage.
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This was the lux 1540? How many treatments did you have?
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I had two fat grafts. They helped but I don't look the same and I won't look in the mirror because it upsets me. I am learning to live again. Thank you so much for asking, Marty.

Dr Leiker also burned me with the Palomar 1540. I think the machines are ultimately to blame but that doctor is just evil.
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Please contact me! I went to the same doctor, and I'm having the same early signs. Please help! Please help me! My anxiety is killing me. I don't know how to get in contact with people on here.
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Hi Whirleegig

I was just wondering how you were getting on with you treatment now?

I hope things have improved since your post?

I'm alsso considering having the procedure to treat acne scars.

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Please, I want to talk to you. Dr. L did my procedure, too. I've had the same outcome. It's been a little over a month. Help me!

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I am also wondering how you are doing and what settings your doctor used? How long after your treatment did you started noticing side effects, and did you ask your doctor for your money back?
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Are you sure you had the Lux1540? $2100 is A LOT of money for that procedure. It is only $350 at my derm's office. Did you have a package of them? I am trying to get reviews of this laser but I am uncertain your laser is the same as mine due to the great difference in price.
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