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Hey, i am going to book a consultation with Dr...

Hey, i am going to book a consultation with Dr henderson next week but i havnt found many patient stories on the forums so i was wondering can anyone give me more information about this surgeon please as i am keen to have him to do my surgery? I have been looking into harley medical group and hospital group for the past 6 months but not been satisfied so when i seen Dr hugh henderson i was pleased...can someone give me information on how many rhinoplasty procedures he does a year? how much does he quote usually? can he do septorhinoplastys if needed? also if anyone has any of their stories it would be a great help if you could share it with me thank you so much
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It's wonderful you are on here gathering information from the community! I hope you find lots of support here as you make your decision. Please keep us posted on how your journey is going, and at what stage you are at. :)

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