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Consultation 05/02/2013 My consultation is coming...

Consultation 05/02/2013
My consultation is coming up on Thursday. I am so excited. I am 40 years old and have a set of twins that are 7 and a 4.5 year old diva princess who was over 9 pounds at birth! I am 5'1" and approximately 127 pounds right now. Hoping to shed 7 pounds before the big day! I have very stretched out skin on my abdomen and the dreaded skin hangover. I was over 52 inches around with my twin pregnancy, and my body just couldn't bounce back. I've done lots of research already, and I can't wait to get my official surgery date scheduled. I also am very interested to see what the doc says about how much muscle revision is necessary. I've hear so many good things about my doc, so I am very confident in his abilities - apparently he is an artist of the belly button. We'll see.

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Consultation and Pre-Op all in one! I got a call...

Consultation and Pre-Op all in one! I got a call from the patient coordinator, and she asked me if I would like to have my date moved up because they had a postponement. The new date???? Monday, May 6th! WHOA! This was yesterday, and I hadn't even had my consult. So - we did everything today including taking "before" pics. I'm all set as far as they are concerned - money is paid and now I am waiting to hear from the surgery center tomorrow. I'm making my lists and gathering my supplies as quickly as possible. At least I won't have too much time to get nervous.


Mine is May 7. Good Luck!
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Mine is May 7. Good Luck!
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Congrats, you must be excited.. mine is May 15. Good luck.
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I've spent the last two days getting ready! My...

I've spent the last two days getting ready! My surgery will be at 8:30 am on Monday. I have to be there at 7:30 am. Since the surgical center is in Lansdowne (about 40 minutes away), we will need to leave about 6:30 am.

I've been cleaning the house like a crazy person and doing all the laundry. I will do a last minute clean up tomorrow, and we'll go to the grocery store tomorrow afternoon.

I was told to take a shower the night before using hibicleanse (I think?!) and then repeat in the morning. No lotions, hair spray, blah, blah, blah. The time estimate for the surgery is 2.5 hours. Dr. Parva said I would have one drain and the pain pump. I will come home with a catheter which hubby will have to remove on Tuesday morning. I will not use a binder, but will be released to use a compression garment at my post op appointment. My compression garment arrived yesterday, and is quite lovely. :D

I'm all set with my granny panties (haha - not really granny) and most of my supplies. I actually think I'm only missing my prescriptions. lol Here's my list of recovery stuff:
large water "jug" for drinking tons of water
paper surgical tape
pads for incision care
pillows and blankets for recliner
throat lozenges
face wipes
lip balm
hand sanitizer
face moisturizer
note pad/pen
animal crackers
gas-x, senekot, milk of magnesia
"granny panties"
white tank tops (man style) - easy to remove, cheap and can be bleached or tossed if need be
zip front sports bra - I don't like to be completely braless but don't like to sit around in an underwire, either

Not sure what else I put in my basket. But I'll be setting up my little recovery area tomorrow night. We've been talking to the kids about the fact that I'm having surgery.

I also made arrangements for the twins to be dropped at school and possibly picked up depending on timing. Guess that's it for now.


Just had mine Yesterday!! good luck to you!!!
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Good luck to you, too! Are you getting ready! I'm very excited! Not too nervous just yet.

I'm 1 day post op. It's almost Tuesday morning....

I'm 1 day post op. It's almost Tuesday morning. lol I can't sleep so I thought I'd post my update.

We got to the surgical center at 7:30 am. Everything moved quickly and smoothly, and before I knew it - I was back in pre-op. Regular stuff back there... blood pressure, temp, id bracelets, change into robe. They gave me a nice warm blanket and turned on the TV for me. Dr. Parva came in and marked me up, and from there, a stream of people came in and out. They were all so nice.

The time came, and they gave me some awesome med in my IV. I kissed the family bye, and that's all I remember before I woke up in recovery. Stage 1 recovery was great and they kept me loaded up with dilaudid. Once my oxygen rate was stable, they sent me to stage 2 recovery where I had some applesauce and ginger ale. They got me all set up, and off we went home. The ride home was uneventful, and I've been in my recliner ever since.

I did walk around a little bit. I have a catheter which will be removed today (Tuesday). I have one drain which has been very bloody and draining about 38-40 ml every 4 hours. The fluid is starting to clear up, and I hope that continues. Dr. Parva said as I start to walk around, the drain will collect more fluid before dwindling down.

One of the moms from my Daisy troop set up a meal sign up list, so we got our first meal last night. It was a hit with the girls and hubby. I'm so thankful we don't have to worry about cooking!


Wishing you a an easy recovery. As always I look forward to watching you heal through pictures. What a great idea to have a meal sign up. You must have some pretty special people in your life. I would welcome free meals with open arms...as would the boys in my house. I go on the 28th and hope things run as smoothly as they did for you. Rest UP
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Welcome to the flat side . U look great already
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Wow that must have been like a whirlwind for you. Congrats on your surgery! At least you didn't have time to get to anxious and nervous. I am POD6 and taking it very easy . Good luck with the healing, look forward to seeing some post op pics :)
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Last night I finally got some sleep! I also got up...

Last night I finally got some sleep! I also got up alone twice to go to the bathroom and did not take any pain meds. Today I took a Percocet plus 4 ibuprofen this morning and the repeated at 3:30.

Hubby took me up to take a shower this morning. Handled the steps ok, but once we got the bandages off I felt like I was going to pass out. Soooooo.... no shower. My head is so itchy! Ugh! Anyway, I was able to look at my belly button which had some fresh blood and also the incision which had some caked blood and one spot that had some fresh blood. My drains putting out less, and sometimes it's yellow but mostly reddish with clots here and there.

I emailed the doc today and was reassured that all sounded fine. So I guess on to day 3. The recliner is getting to be a pain in the ass. Literally.


I was so honored to have the meal sign up! I've never experienced anything like it! You go on my birthday. ;-)
Awwww..... Thanks a bunch!!

Finally go that shower today! It was great! My...

Finally go that shower today! It was great! My hubby is such an awesome caregiver!

I still have the original tape out on my incision during surgery, so it's getting kinda bloody. Of course, I'm tripped out that there might be necrosis, so I keep searching the web about it. Ugh. I'm sure it's just fine.

The drain is producing less fluid. It's still watery red. The drain exit wound is seeping watery red liquid as well.

That's it for today! I am posting pics!


Congrats looking good!!!, Just 6 more days for mine!!! so excited.
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Im on day 16 post op, welcome to the flat side!! I didn't have any drains so I don't know anything about the fluids, but best of luck with your recovery I'm sure everything will be fine. If you have any questions feel free to hit me up ;) Also Happy Mothers Day!
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I agree, your Belly Button looks great :) Thanks for sharing your pics.
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Well, I'm 5 days post op, and I'm clean again....

Well, I'm 5 days post op, and I'm clean again. Well, I'm showered again. lol Yesterday was a cruddy day pretty much. I felt constipated, and I was worried about my drain site leaking. I did a lot of Internet searching and found out that maybe the drain was clogged. I stripped it, and it actually seems to be doing muchhhhh better.

We took the pain pump out yesterday. I almost hurled. It was easy enough, but I had NO idea that the catheters were so far in - like 12"!!! But it's nice that I am not all taped up anymore. Now I'm using that little bag to hold my drain.

Got my shower in this morning and shaved my legs. Yay! I relaxed after getting out and then used the blow dryer on my incision. I noticed the tapes are starting to fall off. I guess we'll try to keep them on another couple of days until I get to my post op.

Other than that, I'm still rocking the recliner. I'm starting to feel isolated from everyone else. Ugh. I miss snuggling with my 4 year il. :-/


Woohoo!!! Looking good! So glad all is going well!!!
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I was wondering about shaving my legs after surgery, and how long I would have to wait, before I could comfortably do it. I had a friend who attached popsicle sticks to her razor to make a longer handle and managed to shave her legs that way. I might even ask my Husband to shave them, lol. He doesnt know that yet though.
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Hahaha! My hubby has done mine before when I was preggo with the twins! I just did a VERY quick ankle to knee job.... I'm sure I missed a ton of places. :-D

So last night I was really freaked out because my...

So last night I was really freaked out because my drain was leaking RED blood from the drainage site, and when I stripped the tubing, there was RED blood in the bulb. SCARY! (to me!) Dr. Parva called me right back. He said to go ahead and put on my compression garment, and not to worry. So, I tried to put on my very lovely compression garment, and my husband tried to try and get me into it as well, but it was tooooooooo small!!! OH NO!!!

Off hubby went to buy me a plain ol white binder from Walgreens. Thank goodness they had one. We wrapped me up, and I laid down. A little more blood came out through the night.

Today I've been feeling ok. The tubing has seemed to be empty most of the day which, of course, made me freak out. I called Parva again, and he reassured me he thinks all is well. He said he thinks a localized place in there is bleeding out, I guess. All I know is I can't wait to get to my post op tomorrow. 7 days is too long for a gal like me to wait!

I took my morning pain meds as usual, but then skipped on the afternoon meds. I went ahead and took the ibuprofen at 6pm, and will add a Percocet in a few minutes to make sure I sleep well. I only have 1 more dose of antibiotic left. And that's that. Happy Mother's Day!

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BTW - it totally looks like someone colored all...

BTW - it totally looks like someone colored all over me with yellow marker...... bruising is getting darn colorful!



What a great day so far! I got up feeling pretty...

What a great day so far! I got up feeling pretty good today. I took my last antibiotic and then got a shower. My tape pretty much came off all on it's own, so I trimmed it up a bit. Put on a bra and make-up, too! Woot!!

We set off to Target and picked up a couple of spanx-type items, and then headed to my post op appointment. I got changed into that spa type robe in Dr. Parva's office, and we waited for him to come in. When he arrived, he had me lay down, and before I knew it, he had pulled my drain out! I didn't even know he was going to do that. He said I look good. Told me to wear my compression garments and come back in 3 weeks. Wow! He also gave me some ScarGuard and said to use it daily once all the scabs are gone.

I can't believe what an absolute relief it is for that drain to be gone!! I just feel so much better! I moved out of the recliner to the couch, and I plan on sleeping in bed tonight! Yay!!!


WOW, I just read your story and everything went so quickly for you. And you seem to be recovering so well - that is awesome. My first week was terrible - I don't do well with pain meds. I'm now 5 weeks PO ... hard to believe that much time has passed already. Just dealing with some swelling on/off, but not too bad - I can wear all my clothes, it's just kind of uncomfortable and mostly where my MR was. You really look incredible, I'm sure you are thrilled! Happy healing and Happy Mother's Day to you!! :)
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Hahaha - yes, it went crazy fast, and I didn't plan it that way. It just all came together like that. Thank you for the compliment; I honestly went into this just wanting the flap to be removed and some of the skin smoothed out. I'm really shocked at how it looks - I am so happy! I'm so sorry to hear you didn't do well with the pain meds! Today was really the first day I felt really decent. It trips me out that people are stopping pain meds so early and working, etc. I'm still on my butt 90% of the time!!
Excellent results! Congrats!
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Let's see..... It's been a regular kind of day....

Let's see..... It's been a regular kind of day. I've had much less pain medicine today, and maybe that's why I'm such a grump. I went to my meeting this morning which was good.

I'm wearing the one piece garment with a shapewear top over it trying to get some good compression. I'm super swollen today. Hubby bought me 2 more garments at Target today. I'm not sure if ill keep either. I'd like to go to Target in the morning myself, but I haven't been cleared to drive.

I'm super swollen today. Even looks like I have a pot belly. Gee whiz. Ugh. More pics tomorrow maybe.....

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Hiya! It's 9 days post op. I'm feeling pretty good...

Hiya! It's 9 days post op. I'm feeling pretty good. I went to Target for yet another look at compression garments. It was a little too ambitious; once I got home I fell asleep! I did find what I was looking for, though. I was able to pick up 3 of the size small romper style boy shorts. I like that they are one piece and open with snaps at the crotch. I got a size small because I want as much compression as I can get. The best part is that this style is clearance priced at $6.98!! Total score!

I'm still working on weaning off the pain meds. I'm going to try and make it through the day without any Percocet. I don't want to hurt but I don't want to take meds ennecessarily, either.

I'm really, really swollen. I'm not sure it looks like it in the pics, but I've even got apot belly. Ugh!!! A bit of scab fell off my belly button, and I'm almost scab free at the incision site. I'm down another pound, but I'm still 2 pounds over pre-surgery weight. That's all for today!


You do look wonderful and I'm comforted knowing you're healing well!
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Love you belly button and it looks like you lost most (if not all) your stretch marks... awesome!! Congrats and happy healing.
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Day 9? That's crazy! You look so awesome already! Perfect belly button. You must be so excited :)
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11 days post op.....

Today and yesterday have been good days. I'm showering and getting around pretty nicely. I am getting twinges and stabs of pains on the incision site off and on. I'm sleeping pretty well. I can't seem to go to sleep on my back anymore now that I've been able to sleep on my side.

I'm down to 1 pound over my pre surgery weight. I guess that's good. I'm trying to make better food choices, but last night my friend brought over her famous chocolate chip cookies, and I sure couldn't stay away from those. lol

The scabs continue to fall off my belly button, but they came off after I took the picture today. I am still feeling super swollen, but less so than I was perhaps. I have been wearing m binder a few hours a day, and that really seems to help.

We're supposed to go on a boy scout camping trip tomorrow. I am pretty nervous although hubby has said he just wants me to sit around most of the time. So we'll see how it goes. It's not ideal timing, but my boy is graduation to the next level of cub scouts, so I really don't want to miss it.


You look awsome and looks like you got lucky with the removal of the stretch marks.. awesome!!
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Looking great!!!!!
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You are healing nicely. Your DR. did a wonderful job, not only on the belly button which is super cute, but your incision is is nice and smooth already. Good luck at Boy Scouts, and take it easy.
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14 days post op....

I'm post op day 14 today. Couldn't sleep a wink last night. I finally fell asleep at 4am, so I'm exhausted today. I think the exhaustion has brought about a little bit of depression.

I'm just worn out with not being able to take care of things around the house. I'm also weaning off pain meds, and I am uncomfortable.

Other than that, not much has changed. We went on the camping trip, and that was fine. It was actually a very successful family outing.

I ordered yet another kind of spanx type garment. This one goes to the knees. I feel like my thighs are super swollen, so I'm hoping this will help.

I don't feel like there has been any change in my scar in the last three days.


You look great!!! Loving the outcome, and its only the beginning!!
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Today I"m 15 days post op!

Today I weighed 130.6 lbs. I bought some Tumeric to see what happens with swelling. I also bought some cocoa butter to start working on my scar. I am having some crazy tingling on the left side of my incision site, and the whole site is very sore today.

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One of my favorite pairs of undies....


Thank you! I can't imagine changing more than this, but it will be groovy if I do. lol
I'm thinkIng it only gets better as the healing continues! You'll be rockin a kini this year, yea!!
Awwww..... thank you! I think he got most of them! It's a little hard to tell right now, but even if some of the stretch marks are left, I am ok with that.

No pics today, but.....

Feeling rather good today. I was freaked out last night thinking perhaps I have a seroma. The jury is still out, but the swelling went down overnight which is a sign of more regular swelling and not a seroma after all. I am going to give it another day and will call the doc if it's worse tomorrow.

My weight today is 129.4. Sweet!! I also treated my scar with castor oil and coconut oil. I have the cocoa butter, but couldn't get it out of the jar. It's hard as a rock at room temp - so I will melt it today and mix it in with my concoction.

Oh, and one last word as of yesterday at 15 days post op..... S-E-X. (sorry, MOM!) This was the first day he would have anything to do with me because finally most of my bruising has subsided.


Sounds like we had something in common! At 4ft 11in I also had twins and was a whopping 57 inches round! I literally was as round as I was tall! You already look great but will look smoking in another 2 months!
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Yay congrats on the S-E-X :-) I was wondering how long the wait would be for that but was too shy to ask. Now I have an answer. I'm sure everyone is different depending on recovery and all, but it's a good idea of what to expect. And by the way you look really good! Cute belly button :-)
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Thank you so much! :-) I think it's about 2 weeks depending on your sex drive and also the fact that you are doing tummy tuck with no boobs. I think the gals that do both boobs and tummy at the same time prolly aren't ready at two weeks. I tried the week before but hubby said no way because the bruising was still pretty gnarly. lol

17 days post op and....

my weight is back to 130.6. Dang. I'm hoping its major swelling from the Chinese food we had last night.

Couldn't sleep again. It's hard to get comfortable sometimes. Last night my littlest one was kicking and taking up soooo much bed space, so around 3am I got into her bed and loaded up with pillows.

I tried on my pre-op shorts today. They fit! Yay! I also got dressed and did my makeup and hair since my baby graduates preschool tonight. I just got a haircut yesterday and got it all chopped off.


You look great... Good for you. Your belly button looks very simlilar to mine...
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Looking good girl...like the hair color too!
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Thanks! I'm always bright red. :-D

18 days post op......

Weight ..... 129! So now I'm 2.5 pounds down from pre-op weight. The day of my surgery I weighed 131.6 which is crazy high for me, but it is what it is.

All the scabs are gone off my belly button. Yay! I got some news sassy undies in the mail today. I go on panty buying binges sometimes, and this seemed as good a time as any. Hahahaha....

I had to clean up for the Daisy meeting today, and I'm already tired. It's not even time for the meeting yet. Oy!

I've been having trouble with restless legs as I came off the pain meds, so I bought Some magnesium oil to see if that will help. My fingers are crossed because it sucks to have wiggly legs.


You look awesome!!!
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Thank you so much!
You look fabulous!
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19 days post op....

Today's weight: 130. I am doing a LOT more the last two days, and that may be the reason I feel like I'm swelling more. I also feel like I can't seem to find just the right spanx type garment. It's like trying to find the perfect purse. :-/


What kind of Spanx have you tried so far? I was searching their website and have no idea what to get either. I was thinking I would get the tightest ones, but it will be a guessing game. I can't imagine trying spanx on after surgery, they are hard to get on now. LOL
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I have gone through a bunch! And I needed different sizes. I was instructed to use the spandex from 1 week post op on out. I bought the high waisted panty kind at first, but pulling those up and down hurt like a moth-ah. So my favorite so far is a body suit style with crotch snaps. I got one that went down on the thighs, which I really like, but I can't pee with the open crotch..... So I have to take it up and down. Not as big a deal at 3 weeks out, but still not ideal. So I'm back to my crotch snap ones. I am using size small right now to get as much compression as I can. (You can see my height and weight at the top). But now my swelling is resolving some and I just don't feel like I'm getting much compression.
You look amazing!!!
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20 days post op....

129 this morning. I still have a suspicious spot of swelling on my left side. I'll keep on keeping an eye on it....

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21 days post op....

128.8 today. I hate this swelling above the incision. I'd like it to be gone. :-/


U should post a pic of the lump... I'm curious if it looks like mine. Did ur ps say anything about it? Do u have to have it drained or anything? I'm still fighting with mine :0/ massaging everyday and doing the castor oil treatments, but really no improvement :0( I'm gunna see about trying to drain it again, we will see. Good luck to u and happy healing!
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Wanted to read your review and tell u that u look great.
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22 days post op.....

I'm headed to see Dr. Parva today to take a look at my swelling on the left side. I'm possibly just paranoid, but really I'd just rather find out for sure!! I'm 129.2 today. I'm posting new pics as well.


Your belly button looks awesome btw. Hope your appointment today went well.
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I can sorta see what u mean. I talked to my surgical nurse today and she said to go ahead and make an appt to get mine drained. I'm calling tmrw...I hope he can just suck it out this time! I'm not gunna be a baby about it this time :0/
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Let us know what the doctor says. I hope all is well. You look amazing and congrats on the weight loss...I'm trying to get my weight down too...it's a struggle!
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23 days post op.....

128.6 today. Dr. Parva said my swelling is not a seroma. YAY!


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23 days post op continued.....

I just wanted to update with a couple of pics. I think they are FABULOUS although they may look like nothing special to you guys!


Yayyy! I'm glad to hear its not a seroma!!! Did ur ps suggest any type of treatment or massage? Or do u just play the waiting game?...
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Tighter compression, but that's it. Is there special massage that helps?
Yup, they're fabulous! You look great!
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24 days post op....

131 lbs. WTF?! #ihatemyscale


I've been doing some lymphatic massage to myself. Look it up on YouTube, but idk if its doing anything :0(
Ooohhhhh... I did that the other night - not sure if it did anything, either. I'll keep trying, though.
Keep me informed please :0) and let me know if u find something else that helps! I will keep searching for some way to rid this bulge also... In the meantime, good luck!

27 days post op....

Scale says 130.0 this morning. I have been very swollen for the last few days and my muscles have been very sore. Mostly towards the top and the incision is tender. I am really loving my Marena garment. It's got nice compression and is comfortable. It is definitely worth the money.

I have been wearing regular clothes off and on. My favorite shorts and capris are fitting fine. I don't know if it's because I am wearing the compression garment or not. I know I am still quite heavy for "me", but am not sure how I'm going to drop the weight that I think is "extra". The weird thing is that I have been told I look really good. I think mostly I need to be worrying about fitness and eating right.

Still have trouble sleeping off and on, but mostly the swelling and soreness off and on are my only two issues. I'm posting some update pics. They aren't very good quality, but I am so pleased!


Do u think the new garment is helping? I'm wondering if I should get the same thing. I know my spanx r too big and i need more compression, but I'm 10 wks! And I don't wanna spend a ton of $$ on another garment if it doesn't help. What do u think I should do? Thanks :0)
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What Marena cg did you get? I need to get one, but need some recommendations
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I got one that has no legs, hook and eye at crotch, comes up to right below boobs, and has like bra strap suspenders (not the wider straps). It's a stage 2. Maybe the FBA2?

29 days post op.....

Really hard to believe I am 4 weeks post op! I had a rough couple of days just not feeling up to par, but today I feel great. I took off the big squeeze garments and a, wearing a light compression (because it's too big!) shaper. I really seem to have LESS swelling. I think I look slimmer today than perhaps any other post op day so far. I just tried on a size 5 pair of jeans, and they fit nicely. I think the might run big, though. I'll try on a couple more to see if I can truly fit a 5. I was a comfortable juniors size 9 pre surgery, so I definitely hoping to be at least a 7. I'll post some pics when I go to take a shower. Oh, I did really concentrate on drinking my 3L of water yesterday, so maybe that had something to do with the lack of swelling???


I would just get a tighter spanx. I'm so tired of wearing tight crap.

Still 29 days post op....

Here are some updated pics. I have some puckering on the left side, but not worried about it yet. I called to ask ps office about exercising and when I can stop wearing compression.

I didn't really get a straight answer. I'm mostly in regular clothes at this point. Yay! I'm very pleased with the results so far, but I gotta say these are the things I'm tired of at the 4 week mark:
Hunching by the end of the day
Being exhausted but not able to sleep because of discomfort
Tight compression
No exercise
Gentle sex ( not that I like it rough, but I'm tired of being SO careful!)

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Oops.... Hit the wrong button....

More pics!


I don't get on the scale a lot but I got on today, I was up several pounds and actually said "holy sh$t!" Out loud, which I don't even say! I have to admit I was relieved to see your scale moving up and down because I was wondering what I'm doing so wrong!!
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You are looking so good. Woman you are as obsessed with the scale as I am. I got on it the first day after surgery even though they tell you not to. It was my way of monitoring how bloated I am and how my body is responding to everything ...but mostly just didn't want to get fat again. Your scar looks so good and your tummy looks so real. I say "so real" because some stomachs look very tucked in the end and you can tell the girl had work done. Also, no stretch marks WOOHOO!
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Wow, you got GREAT results! OMG, I'm so happy for you!! Looks like you had virtually no swelling from day 1 lol! Happy healing, you look awesome!!!!

Post op 32!

Here I am post op 32, and yeah - I still feel cruddy every now and then. Today's has been one of those days. I've had a cruddy headache, and just felt weird in my belly. I did do quite a lot yesterday afternoon, so maybe that's why. But, I walked by a window and saw my reflection. I'm posting the pics. Problem solved..... feeling better! Just looking at those pics knowing I would have looked so bumpy and lumpy wearing this outfit (I actually wouldn't have) a few weeks ago is enough to make a girl smile!

I'm also adding a collage of progression pics. I don't know that I look much different between pics, but that's ok.


Soooooo flat!!!!!!!!!!!! You look awesome!
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Look at that flat tummy! I love to find little victories in the gloomiest days - and the biggest victory of all is yet to come: Summer without that GUT!!! xoxo
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You are looking so good girl! Isn't it fun to look in the mirror now ;) I love shopping for clothes and seeing how things fit now. My only complaint, like after being out all day today, I swell and feel uncomfortable in the MR area, down the middle from below my chest to the top part of my BB. I seem to swell there moreso than below the BB ... wonder if anyone else has that or feels weird in that area.
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This is what....

This is what the first few hours post-op look like..... lol


You look great and must be so pleased having this surgery. I am 2 weeks PO, and hate hate hate wearing this CG. Are you still wearing a CG 24/7?
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I wear a spanx style, and I do wear it 24/7. I don't see my ps until the 3 month mark, so I'm not sure if I can stop waring it. lol
So flat!! Looks awesome. I haven't even taken my 4 week pics yet. I've been over doing it and swelling! Ugh!
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Momma's got curves! WHOA!

I snapped this pic this morning. I wore a Flexees corset style waist nipper yesterday, and this morning I'm curvy! SHOCKING as I am not a curvy gal at all.


That post op pic cracks me up!! Lol!
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And I just saw that last pic!! You look amazing!!!
Looking more and more amazing all the time. I just ordered the Flexees waist nipper too. You are the second person to highly recommend it! Used my Kohl's cash so it was only $20.
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Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

I could not be more pleased at this point. Dr. Parva and his coordinator, Petra - went above and beyond to work with me through some unusual payment situations and scheduling, etc. What a great experience!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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