Already Had Mastopexy with Implants 6 Years Ago - Leeds, GB

Wonder if anyone can help having implants of 650cc...

wonder if anyone can help. having implants of 650cc. already have implants of 300cc i am 5ft 4 weigh about 59kg i was happy when i had my mastopexy and implants of 300cc done 6 years ago but i have lost nearly 2 stone and not happy with them so im having 650cc implants put in on the 6th april i want big any one out there who can advise

Feel free to check out my profile. I went big so to speak. I had a donut mastopexy with 700 overfilled to 800cc under the muscle on the left and 800 overfilled to 960 on the right. Feel free to look! There are before and after pictures!
I meant. Can u post them. Tks :)
Can we post pics for ur to see how it looks now that u lost weight? Ta
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