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My health insurance covers the procedure. It takes...

My health insurance covers the procedure. It takes 10 minutes slightly and was uncomfortable the first time. I get it every 2 weeks for my acne. I love it. My skin tone has evened out. My face is hardly oily at all anymore. I used to be a walking puddle even on a cold day when wearing makeup. Now when I wear makeup hardly any oil. My acne has improved tremendously, as well. I still get breakouts when I am hormonal, but who doesn't?

(Cost says $100 b/c the review said I have to put that in there, but my health insurance covered it so it's actually only a $30.00 co-pay!)

Nice post! I have read it carefully and I’m like it very much. Thank you for your post it out for us!
Do you know how your insurance agreed to cover it? As an acne treatment? I am trying to avoid Accutane again. Have you noticed any unwanted side effects? Thanks.
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