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Hi All Im Doudy , im 1 month Post-op an...

Hi All Im Doudy , im 1 month Post-op an abdominoplasty & Breast lift ,im 33 years old with 2 kids height 160 cm & weight 68 Kg so after my 2 kids i had sagging tummy & breast so i thought it was time to work onmysely barring in mind that i exercise 3 times a wek at all times but i was still convinced that i could have my old shape before getting my 2 lovely daughters the breat lift recovery is going pretty fine but the Abdominoplasty's recovery is very slow and it seems that im facing some complications Scrs on my breast looks much better and even on my tummy but the swelling never ends& this because my doctor removed the drain 2 days after the operation which caused fluid & blood accumulation just over my tummy's scar but i started to get better at the end of the 3rd week then a surprise happened 2 days ago!!!the swelling went so bad to the extent that it hurts a lot and as if i went back to day 1 again which is causing me a horrible depression my PS says its normal & it will take a couple of weeks but im nt comfortable & very worried .will keep you posted on whats going on & honestly i dont know if its worth it or not

Thank you all for your support but now its getting worse, i discovered a 57CC Seroma which i guess because of the early removal of my drain!!!!! however its not a huge one but its frustrating and i had to find another PS to follow up my case in Egypt as my original one is in Beirut. Now the options to get rid of this seroma (as per my 2 PS) are:
1- 1 week home rest & will see if my body could absorb the fluids
2- i shld go to have another Ultrasound in 2 days to check the status of the absorbtion , the bad news is now my tummy is v hard like a rock (scary isnt it?) if my body didnt work properly on it the Doctor should use an injection to pull the fluids up
3- the 3rd option is the worst, if the inection procedure didnt work then a drain should be fixed which i guess its horrible to go through this again

Bottomline, my life is in a mess, no work ,cant take care of my kids ,very depressed & always in a bad mood everytime i even think i could go through drainage or operation revision it just kills me . will keep you posted onwhat is going on
Kimmers is the best - she is absolutely right. She encouraged me through all my post op tears & frustrations. I looked at her "month by month diary post tummy tuck every month" & she was right on about what to expect. You will swell for the next few months. At one point, 6 or 7 weeks post op, was my worst - I was so sore & swollen & looked pregnant! I just put my feet up & wore my compression garment. And then, after a few weeks it got better each day. You will get through this!!

Oh hun it will get better.  The swelling is the worst part of this recovery period.  My swelling or as I called it "Swell Hell" about drove me nuts for weeks/months.  I promise you that it will end.  I know it's hard but please hang in there!!  

When you get like this you need to kick your feet up and relax.  Try ice packs, frozen towels or anything else cold on the swollen areas.  Also, make sure to watch your sodium intake.  Sodium is the devil and it will puff you up like crazy.  Are you drinking plenty of water?  You need to keep your system flushed.  

I am attaching my journal and journey for you to read.  You will see that what you are going through is all normal.   I hope this makes you laugh and gives you some hope:)

Tummy Tuck Survival Guide

Month-by-Month Diary Post Tummy Tuck

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