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I'm a male and i lost arount 90lbs and i had some...

i'm a male and i lost arount 90lbs and i had some extra skin and fat on my tummy and it was really unlikely to have them so i decided to do the tummy tuck and it worth it for sure
the first 2 days wasn't so bad with all that meds and now i'm on my day 4 still bent over but can't wait for the result

Male tummy tuck surgery has gained popularity and there are differences in the approach taken for men and women, as you have probably experienced in Lebanon. I have found that my male patients in Los Angeles have seen tremendous improvement in body contour with tummy tucks and liposuction.

Welcome to RealSelf.   Hang on and this will get easier and easier.  The first week is the worst and then you will notice improvements.   This is a process and takes time to heal.  

 You will get there and love the results.

najib harrane

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