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So I have had hyperhidrosis since I can remember,...

So I have had hyperhidrosis since I can remember, I would CONSTANTLY have to run home and change shirts (ALWAYS black) and would normally shower three times a day. It got to the point where no deodorant would work and I was just totally lost not knowing what to do. I have gotten botox in my pits before a while ago but, it costs a ton, sure some insurance covers it but, the hoops you have to jump through can be quite frustrating. So, after many ruined shirts and many embarrassing nights I started really researching what I could do. When I found out about miradry I immediately started crying I was so relieved. I saved and saved (to me pinching every penny would be worth it if this really worked)

So I just got the treatment today. I got a total of 45 numbing shots in each armpit. Honestly they were not that bad. I felt a little prick here and there but, once the numbness set in it was a breeze. The only side effect that I had from the shots was feeling a little jittery, my heart rate increased a little and I was a tiny bit shaky. Neither was concerning to me. The actual treatment itself I didn't feel at all. I was talking during it and felt nothing. The procedure itself lasted a little bit over an hour, afterwards I went to class and was totally fine.
Now I am sitting at home, icing my pits. I have started to notice some swelling, nothing scary yet! It feels like there is a pingpong ball under my armpits. They don't look pretty right now, but what armpit does ;)

I will update as my experience keeps going...Good luck to anyone considering this ! *I may post pics if I get brave enough :)


Hi Ali! How are things going? Will you need a second treatment? How much did insurance cover? As a side note, I would let the nurse know about the elevated heart rate and jitteriness. It was probably the epinephrine in the  anesthesia. They can use one without epinephrine. Check to make sure they have some in stock before an appointment. I would be surprised if they didnt have it.  I am a little rusty in that area- I believe its the epinephrine that does that, Definitely let the nurse know.
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I'm so excited for you and hopeful for really good changes!! I can only imagine what a pain in the neck it must have been to have to shower three times a day. Sometimes I find it a pain to do it once a day. ;)

Would love to hear how you are doing today, and if you are still pretty swollen up or not.

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