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Hello ladies! I just turned 22 and Im super...

Hello ladies! I just turned 22 and Im super excited to be getting new boobies. Im 5'5 and 108 lbs. i had my consultation with Dr. John Quinn last week and him and his staff are fabulous they all have positive attitudes and unique personalities. I can't wait until my ba. so far i think Im going to go with 400cc unders but i will decide when i have my try on date which is scheduled for the first week of October. Oh i just can't wait!

still waiting...

Well i still have until October to choose a size but its freakin hard. i still like the 400cc but i don't want to go to big or to small. i want them to fit my frame. That's all Im worried about right now so if anyone has any suggestions that would be helpful that would be awesome. p.s i will post before pics soon


bad idea

Ok so i made the mistake of reading implant horror stories. i still want implants I hope i don't have any complications. did anyone else make this mistake and what were your thoughts after reading them?


I've been rethinking the size. i think i might go with 325cc or 350cc. I banyelieve if i go to big i wouldnt be happy with my results. if i go to small then atleast they'll bebigger then what i have now and i could still dress them up. oh Im sooo confused.
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How was your surgery? Are you happy with your results? I haven't been on in a while, and thought I'd check in with you....
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Good luck on your upcoming surgery! I also used dr Quinn. Had a mommy makeover done in dec 2012. He does great work! You'll be happy. My breasts are perfect - I'm still amazed by them. I liked the 450 sizers, but second guessed myself at pre-op appointment and thought I'd better go smaller. Dr Quinn has a great aesthetic eye -he said not to go smaller and to trust him. So glad I did! Had armpit incision w 450 hp silicone. Scars are now invisible under my arms. No complications. Love my stomach too! Stay off the explant area - you'll scare yourself.
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we have very similar stats and my before looked like you. take a look at my review. i had 350cc in my larger boob and 375 in my smaller. i'm very glad i didn't go any bigger.
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Hey hun, how exciting for you! I got 445cc unders and I'm about 125lbs so a far bit bigger than you. So far I feel as though I got a great size for me, I wanted them to be big but only proportionate to my body. It's also very hard with CC's, what looks like 1 size on 1 person can be completely different on another. I chose my size by picking the picture I liked best on a 3d image and didn't even worry about CC's. I actually had to call the office to find out the CC's because I didn't know after I chose them! Good luck :)
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Thanks so much! Next time i try on sizers i won't worrie about the cc and will just pick the size that looks best on me.
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Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf! Have you tried making rice sizers at home to experiment with possible implant sizes? Here is a cute video about how to help your body heal faster after surgery. You can start doing these things now. Looking forward to your updates!

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