Lazer Under Arms - Very Happy So Far

Bought a pckg on sale for 6 under arm laser...

bought a pckg on sale for 6 under arm laser treatments that was over 3 wks ago and I've hardly shaved at all. still got 5 txs left. Extremely happy so far.

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I would have prefered to have the lady who gave me my consult do the tx on me. The one I had was too chatty, and appeared inconsidered of it being my 1st time.

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I have done my underarm and bikini area done I think it is now probably 8 years from the last treatment. It was very expensive then, but worthwhile I think. I get one or two hairs under my arms every one and then and I just pluck them out. Hence, I am completely happy with the underarm treatment. As for the bikini area - I got more treatments there but with not as good results. Meaning - some new areas started to show sporadic hair. However, I still just need to pluck them out and I am done. So, I do recommend treatment, but be careful where you go.
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Where did you get your laser done? i'm looking to get my underarms lasered, but not sure where to go...
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