53 Years Old, Had Braces 40 Years Ago

I've only had my retainers a week and am still...

I've only had my retainers a week and am still learning what I can and cannot do. I am a 53-year-old who had braces almost 40 years ago but whose teeth had rebounded after having wisdom teeth removed, especially around a broken tooth with a crown - right in front. My original overbite and overjet is mostly back.

I go to a highly-regarded orthodontist in my area. We're doing Invisalign Express with 10 trays, with the understanding that it may not be quite enough, and I may have to have additional ones - with the regular Invisalign fee. However, my dr. thinks he can make any additional necessary correction with a retainer, without having to go that route.

The pain I mention above is from cuts on my lips from the lip spreaders, at first. Now that they've healed, I have none.

It's really too early to rate my satisfaction and determine its worth.


Can you tell me the name of the orthodontist you went to here in Lawrenceville, GA? I am considering getting Invisalign but am new to the area. Thanks
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I would say no. Anything except water will cause cavities, as the saliva is not "washing" your teeth 24/7 as when there are no liners.
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No. I once did the same thing one night before falling asleep and when I woke up my aligners were stained. From then on I just ate them and then brushed and put my aligners back in. Hope all goes well.
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Update:  I am one week thru my seventh set of...

Update:  I am one week thru my seventh set of aligners (of ten), and the large gap at the crown in front is completely closed already.  I see some improvement in my overbite/overjet and I hope by the time I finish with the tenth set, it will be completely corrected.  However, Dr Evans did tell me he might need to do some additional tweaking afterward with a regular retainer.  My teeth have remained a little sore most of the time on these last two sets of aligners, but not too bad - I just see it as proof that they're doing their job.  Overall, I'm very pleased.

Can one enjoy sugar-free peppermints with the retainers in without having to remove them and brush afterwards?


{edited} - all the dentists in the area highly recommend him. I was told he was more expensive than some, but I wanted someone who I knew was good and who had some experience with Invisalign - some of the others who offer them don't really seem to have many patients who use them, so I questioned their actual experience with them. I found my cost to be quite reasonable for them compared to all I'd seen and heard despite what I'd heard about his prices.

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Lawrence B. Evans

He seems very well informed and very caring.

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