FINALLY my BBL Journey - Lawrenceville, GA

All my life I have had issues with my booty and my...

All my life I have had issues with my booty and my breast size. I was a DDD and got a reduction to a C and loved it now I feel it's time for me to treat myself with a BBL. I've been researching for 3 years and finally have the time, money and right doctor/clinic for the procedure.

I've never had anyone male or female comment on my booty but I've never liked it. I will feel 100% complete once the procedure is over. I have a little bit of lose skin from my pregnancies but I can live with that. There are plenty of cheap garments for hiding the lil tummy people have but butt pads is not an option for me. Having this surgery will boost my confidence tremendously and I believe my body will look the way I've always dreamed. I am looking forward to my surgery and I know it will be worth it! ***will post before photos closer to surgery date***

**15 Apr** I've used advice from other BBL...

**15 Apr** I've used advice from other BBL sisters with the yoga mat and so far I'm not loving it. Maybe I'm doing it wrong but it's uncomfortable and the mat goes completely flat when I sit on it. I was hoping it would raise me up from my chair but it isn't helping much. I will hopefully have an official surgery date sometime this week!

Official surgery date will be 26th June! I'm...

Official surgery date will be 26th June! I'm hoping everything will go well although I won't receive most of the recommended massages! Looking for something else to sit on that's more comfortable than a yoga mat.

Dr. Rajae Janho

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Thanks for the comments and good luck with your upcoming surgery...anyway I posted a pic of the chair for you to see along with some updated pics...Talk to ya later
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Good luck on your BBL journey! I really hope you get everything you asked for! ;) -AlohaLisia‚úŅ
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Hey lunarmoon, I forgot to tell you that I stuff my yoga matt with a towel and a shirt. oops sorry yea without the stuffing the yoga matt is worthless. Good luck
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I will try that! Thank you!
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instead og the yoga mat try googling where to get a small foam roller. it looks like those foam things ppl use in the pool but bigger & solid in the middle or go to walmart & get a foam roller from the work out section then put a pillow over it so it wont feel so hard. i bought 1 for maybe $8-12. i havent had the Sx yet but i think it will work well
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Thank you for the suggestion! I will look that up and give it a try
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