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Well Worth It - Lausanne, Switzerland

I had a full face IPL treatment with the Palomar...

I had a full face IPL treatment with the Palomar MaxG system 10 days ago. Really pleased with the results. I had very dark freckle like marks afterwards where I had some noticeable sun spots. The dark marks faded after 10 days and luckily they were around the bridge of my nose so looked like freckles - they were very dark and I couldn't cover them with makeup so be prepared for that if you have a lot of sun damage to treat. Really happy with the results - the sun spots have faded by about 70% and my skin looks a lot better - clear and less discoloured. I bought a package of three with three mesotherapie treatments, so will have another next month. (The price is the package cost for three IPL and 3 mesotherapie treatments.) Also had this treatment on my hands last year - they were covered in horrible age spots and 1 treatment cleared them up 90%. The dark spots from the treatment took much longer to clear on my hands - about 3 weeks. When I went for the face treatment the clinique blasted the two remaining (but much lighter spots) for me as a Easter gift :-)


So glad to hear that the IPL worked well for you, and appreciate you sharing the tip about makeup not being enough to cover the dark spots in the first week or two.

Since you mentioned you were going to do Mesotherapy I thought this Q&A might be of interest to you:

Is Mesotherapy FDA Approved?

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