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Pros I look as I 'saw myself' or the body...

Pros I look as I 'saw myself' or the body now fits the image I had of myself before I let myself go. I did it to look as I felt within. and at 7 weeks I am able to be intimate with my husband again.

Thank you for sharing this. I can relate. It's something that is hard to discuss. I'm 5 days post op. I'd love to see your before and after pictures if you want to put them up.
I'm so happy for you! A suffering body image is miserable. We'd love to see some photos if you're comfortable sharing.
Oh boy! Odd, but I am so ashamed of how I looked, and even my after photos might just look like others befores...but I will try.



Thanks, I now think I need to see my Dr. and check for the 'seroma' problem as my tummy isn't going down much lately. smiles weakly

No pressure! Only if you're comfortable. Most women don't show their faces, if that helps.

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I felt he took the time to explain what these procedures would entail, he had no judgments or problems in his history, he cautioned against getting implants at this time...to heal after the BL, so I will return and get the implants in 6-8 mos. I am more than thrilled at my flat stomach, youthful looking breasts and overall congruent fit of body and mind.

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