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Latisse - So Far Very Good Results!

First let me tell you that I jumped on the longer...

First let me tell you that I jumped on the longer eyelash hype a year ago by using the Jan Marini Age Intervention Eyelash conditioner with good results (length more than thickness) but it took about 10-12 weeks before I started to notice any results.

I have now been on Latisse for 4 weeks and I'm already noticing a increase of the amount of eyelashe and length of my eyelashes.  I am using it on my eyebrows too as they have thinned greatly at the ends and I'm seeing more hairs there too!

The drop bottle and individual applicators makes it easy to use and easy to travel with.  I do have blue eyes and they are still blue; I know that if you actually get the product in your eyes there is a chance it can darken light eyes but getting it in my eyes hasn't been an issue at all so I'm not worried about that. 

So far I am very impressed with Latisse and will update my review as I continue to use the product and upload photos to show the change also.

Dr. Peter Haines

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I have been using latisse for about 2 weks and see no difference i hope it works because it is costly.it is easy to use i am also appling it on my thin eyebrows.
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OOO - how did you do that Sharon? You were in front of me - now you're several posts behind me...!
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Not sure except that we're working on some things with the commenting feature. :)

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Hi miagirl, So far I think the consensus is to keep it out of your eye: Does Latisse affect eye color? Meanwhile, I have brown eyes and I'm waiting for the miracle drug that will make them blue or green. ;)
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My eyes are a very clear dark green with tawny flecks around the pupil. No changes yet - but then I think it would take a while to show (I'm at 8 weeks). Would not want any changes to the color...
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Me too, Sharon wouldn't that be great, turning our brown eyes blue Seriously, I think that particular side effect is only a possibility if you use this medication in your eye (for glaucoma) and is highly unlikely to change eye color in anyone who is using it sparingly on the lash line as per the Latisse instructions, and avoid letting it drip into the eye.
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i havent yet tried the product due to my fear of it effecting my eye color.. i have very light green eyes and curious to find out results from others using it with light eyes
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Am very curious about this product and looking forward to reading updates and about other people's experience as well. Not yet approved in Canada but would like as much feed back as possible.
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