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Latisse Rocks! - Orange County, CA

I have been using Latisse on my eye lashes for 6...

I have been using Latisse on my eye lashes for 6 months and IT IS AMAZING. I saw initial results in about 8 or 9 weeks. I have light brown hair but my lashes are light and a little blonde on the ends. Now they are thicker, longer and darker. It's incredible. I would recommend this to all women who want fuller lashes. I get compliments all the time. You will love it.

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Wanted to finally attach photos!

Wanted to finally attach photos!


I am sure they will. Just be sure to use EVERY night and only on the top lashes. More is NOT better and you don't want to saturate the lash and get it into the eye. You should see results within 6 weeks and then 12 weeks for full effects. My husband says I need to trim them. I was like "ummmm no way!" Good luck!
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These are *amazing*! Just started latisse 2 weeks ago and hope mine look as good!
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Orange County Ophthalmologist

Results are incredible

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