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Very Effective but Some Unwelcomed Side Effects

I defintely love my new lashes and have eyebrows...

I defintely love my new lashes and have eyebrows now. Just disappointed in the dark circles I get that concealer doesn't hide. Found if I am going out the next day, I will skip that night's application and it helps. I also wear contacts and Latisse has made my eyes very dry. Lastly, I wanted to have permanent eyemakeup applied and was told I would have to go off Latisse for a month prior and that Latisse would affect the eyeliner color and how long it lasts before needing a redo.


I stopped Latisse on my brows 2 months ago and the brow has stayed full. Maybe the shock of an upper bleph caused my eyebrow loss last year but, at any rate, the brow is now full and I stopped Latisse application. So, I would definitely recommend the treatment for sudden or traumatic eyebrow loss until the normal brow returns.
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Thanks for this post. I've been wondering about permanent makeup for eyebrows; now, I am using Latisse on my brows and it works great but I want something totally hassle free. I figured I'd have to stop application to see where my natural brow needs filling. I was wondering if a month is enough time. I was estimating two months since reports suggest that it takes that long for the eyelashes to return to pre-treatment status.
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Thanks for the helpful feedback. How long did you use Latisse before you saw a noticable difference in your lashes? Did your eyebrows take longer or did you see results more quickly in that area?
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