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DOUBLED my Eyelashes. Hard to Believe - New York, NY

Amazing. I still can't believe it and look...

Amazing. I still can't believe it and look into my mirror too often to see it again. My eyelashes have DOUBLED over the past three months of Lattisse usage. It didn't make it thicker- but did make it darker. I LOVE my eyeslashes. they are so pretty. TOTALLY, TOTALLY worth it. I also love that their bottle lasts me for at least six weeks- i'm not kidding. I keep waiting for it to finish, it's been three months- and I'm still up to my second bottle. I also got it for excatly 100.29 cents at my local CVS pharmacy. With their card you can get money off- so it's cheaper than most other places. BEST thing I ever did.

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It had nothing to do wtih my doctor. I just walked in told him i wanted Lattisee and he gave me a prescription for it.

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i used latisse for 4 months as recommended. my eyelashes grew alot. after i stopped using it. one month later my lashes were back short, they had broken off, but it did not last long.
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