Applicator is No Good

This is my first night using Latisse. I used on...

This is my first night using Latisse. I used on applicator per eye and it just didnt feel as if though I put enough..It didnt even burn or sting at all.. Any tips or any other kind of brush i can use?..
Also has anyone used it on lower lashes as well?.. I have very sparse lashes there.. Instructions specifically say not too...


The brushes that come with Latisse are horrible. I have been using the product for 6 months and I love it. I use a small eyeliner brush, I drop the two drops of Latisse into the cap of the bottle, dip the brush in and apply to one eye then the other. I wash the brush well after each use and make sure it's dry before then next use. I do not use it on my bottom lashes, I was told by my dermatologist that it migrates to the lower lashes and as my bottom lashes have grown considerably since i started using Latisse I think he is right.
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Dr. Hudson

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