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I have been using the generic form of latisse for...

I have been using the generic form of latisse for 2 months now. Its called careprosy. I can say, I am now a believer! I began to see results after only 2 weeks. My lashes are twice as long and beautiful! I still use mascara (although just a swipe or 2) because they didn't really increase in thickness. One thing I did notice was a bit of dryness in the outside corners of
my eyes, but I just madesure to apply my moisturiser there too, problem solved. I did my homework before purchasing and knew one complaint was the applicator. I went on ebay and purchased disposable dental applicators. These are like long thin qtips with a tip that's barely absorbent, so they were perfect, problem solved. Another issue ive read about, was people saying the lashes would get brittle. I'm now using careprost every 2 days for maintenance, so to prevent dryness, I rub vitamin e oil on my lashes on the other nights. Brittle lashes are not an issue for me!


Great idea to use the dental applicator!! I know some of those can be a little bit scratch though, has that been an issue for you at all, or did you find some nice soft ones?

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No i havent had that issue. If you go to ebay annd search 'micro Applicator Brush - Medium Blue / Tube X 100 Dental' the exact ones i use should come up
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